Fri. May 24th, 2024

Written by Millie Jenny C.

Bits of greenery everywhere
Holly leaves, berries sporting sparkles. . . candles. . . and brightly colored lights.
Homes adorned inside and out with fake and the real sights
And imaginings of flights.
Lights shaped into Christmas trees,
Stars, candles, Santa’s and Santa sleighs, snow men and some snow women
Mangers with many baby Jesus’ and wisemen visiting from many a-fars
Following all of the those multi-colored stars.
Pine trees and pine sprigs and sprays
Making many Christmas displays and performing
…and celebrating in plays.
Folks rushing about trying to find bargains
Darting in and out among snowflakes falling. . .
Trying to find that one perfect gift or
Trying to make that perfect gift or confection. . .
To best celebrate the spirit of the Season.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
And a very wonderful Holiday Season to all
And many, many “Good” nights.
Copyright 2010
Millie Jenny C. – 12/16/2010
all rights reserved


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