Wed. Apr 17th, 2024


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13 years ago

Oh yeah, that’s right, this was Happy Token Negro Day today. I almost forgot to blog about it, until I went to check my mail and… err… no mail! Yeppers, MLK is back of the bus again as holidays go… unlike that white Jewish dude named Jesus, who was, like, light-skinned and blue-eyed unlike every other Jew on the planet :).

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

RS Janes
13 years ago

Badtux, your sunny wit is always welcome, like a dark cloud blocking the sweltering sun on a miserably hot, humid day. 😉 (That was a compliment, BTW.) It’s true; in a few years Hollywood may crank out the definitive film bio on King starring an unthreatening, cheery Wayne Brady (“I have a dream — to buy Breyer’s ice cream, brothers and sisters!”), and then every upright citizen will get MLK Day off. Your comment about the Jeffrey Hunter Jesus so many white Americans worship, reminds me of an exchange I had in a bar a few years ago with an uber-Christopublican. I said there wasn’t really any independent proof — in the form of Roman or Jewish records (except for a suspicious mention in Flavius Josephus’ journals that was likely added much later by the Holy Roman Church) — proving Jesus ever existed. He trumped me by replying (paraphrase): “Oh, yeah, wise guy — if he didn’t exist, then how could artists paint his portrait?” There is just no argument to stand up to logic like that. After all, he had seen the lobby posters for “King of Kings.”

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