Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


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Ana Grarian
13 years ago

“How do we blame Obama for Wisconsin?” – priceless.
I suppose if I listened to the right radio shows, I’d know how.LOL

Ken Carman
Reply to  Ana Grarian
13 years ago

Honestly, as I said in the 90s, this has nothing to do with Bill Clinton, Obama, or any/some Left Wing Truth Teller. If Obama was Jesus they’d be blathering about his illegitimate birth, coddling the poor and trying to take away their health care by curing people.

They truly hate, and are out to destroy, anyone not them, or even “them,” ironically. Hence: voting against their best interest. It’s self loathing and brainwashing.

RS Janes
13 years ago

LOL, Ken, it reminds me of that story about LBJ. He said if he walked on water, the Washington Post headline the next day would read: “President Can’t Swim.” This is pretty much the situation any liberal, or even mildly liberal, Dem is in. Democrats in Wisconsin leave the state so a horrible bill can’t be passed and they’re ‘hiding out’ and ‘refusing to come to work’; Republicans in the Senate pull every trick in the book to prevent legislation from coming up for a floor vote and they are ‘honoring their Constitutional duty’ or ‘serving their constituents.’ This could change, though, as the GOP peels off more of its mask and the sheeple get a peek at the truly ugly monster behind it.

13 years ago

It truly is bizarro land with these guys. Or, as one recent commentator put it, NARRATIVE WORLD. In the REAL world, you can call a pig a pencil, but it still won’t help you write a letter. The facts on the ground are finally turning the tide.

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