Sun. May 19th, 2024

Ana made the mistake of watching a documentary on US based Rapture Theology. I think the film makers tried to do a fair job of representing the major players in the most politically influential segments of the movement, particularly from Texas. The people, church goers, interviewed were intelligent, normal looking and sounding, family folks. The major preachers – maybe not so much.

I know many fundamentalist, evangelicals who believe in the Rapture and end time theology. Many even who believe end times are near. They believe that God will come, that the events portrayed in Revelation will happen. They also look forward to a second coming with trepidation because they know their faith has some shaky spots. Mostly they do not want to know that other men, women and children will have to go through the tribulation.

These evangelicals proselytize their faith because they want a happy ending for as many people as possible. They believe that even though God will eventually, at some time only He knows, call in the debt of humanity, that God also wants to save as many as possible.

This documentary wasn’t about those people.

This was about men (entirely men) who are working on an international scale to force into place the criteria for the end times to happen. Arrogant, smug, connivers, willing to twist the fate of nations in order to fulfill their interpretation of scripture. Not only do they believe they know it all, they seem to think that America is the chosen new Holy Land. And for what?

A 1000 year reign with Christ?

What is a thousand years in the grand scheme of things? What does it say that a person is willing to throw the rest of the world under the bus forever, for 1000 years of primacy. And what then?

What does this have to do with agriculture?

As my readers know, I am concerned with environmental issues. I want the world and its creatures to be protected from the ill effects of our industrial nature.  I even believe that people of faith have a responsibility to the creator and each other and the rest of God’s creation to be good stewards of the world around them.

To these Rapturists – the book of Revelation foretells the destruction of the Earth’s environment by God. Then God will supernaturally make the world pristine again.

So, to them, what the heck does it matter what man does?

The most important task they have is to see the world destroyed so that God can fix it.

These men are very, politically motivated and are ensconced in our system. They are pouring money into Israel, in order to force its destruction. They are driving much of foreign policy.

May the God/dess have mercy on us.

By AFarmer

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RS Janes
13 years ago

Ana, I’m going with Mark Twain’s take on this:

“The suns and planets that form the constellations of the billion billion solar systems and go pouring, a tossing flood of shining globes, through the viewless arteries of space are the blood corpuscles in the veins of God; and the nations are the microbes that swarm and wiggle and brag in each, and to think God can tell them apart at that distance [and] has nothing better to do than try. This–the entertainment of an eternity. Who [is] so poor in his ambitions as to consent to be God on those terms. Blasphemy? No, it is not blasphemy. If God is as vast as that, he is above blasphemy; if He is as little as that, He is beneath it.” [snip]

“To trust the God of the Bible is to trust an irascible, vindictive, fierce and ever fickle and changeful master; to trust the true God is to trust a Being who has uttered no promises, but whose beneficent, exact, and changeless ordering of the machinery of His colossal universe is proof that He is at least steadfast to His purposes; whose unwritten laws, so far as they affect man, being equal and impartial, show that he is just and fair; these things, taken together, suggest that if he shall ordain us to live hereafter, he will be steadfast, just and fair toward us. We shall not need to require anything more.”
– Mark Twain, a Biography

“The best minds will tell you that when a man has begotten a child he is morally bound to tenderly care for it, protect it from hurt, shield it from disease, clothe it, feed it, bear with its waywardness, lay no hand upon it save in kindness and for its own good, and never in any case inflict upon it a wanton cruelty. God’s treatment of his earthly children, every day and every night, is the exact opposite of all that, yet those best minds warmly justify these crimes, condone them, excuse them, and indignantly refuse to regard them as crimes at all, when he commits them.”
— Mark Twain, “Letters From the Earth”.

“It is the will of God that we must have critics and missionaries and congressmen and humorists, and we must bear the burden.”
– Mark Twain’s Autobiography

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