Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Well, it’s a first for me.
The local McDonald’s is actually NOT looking for help. Nether is Home Depot, Wendy’s, the Outlet stores who should be gearing up for tourist season, and certainly none of the manufacturing sector. Yeah we still have a couple of them around here.
Even at the beach a couple of weeks ago, they’re hiring more Americans then I have seen in years.Unfortunet

Let’s see, this week 3 airlines have gone under, 44,000 people joined the ranks of the unemployed in just 3 months, and Bush is gonna send everybody a check in July to stimulate the economy.

Just refinanced our house. I’m lucky, I’ve only lost about $15,000 in value. My buddy in Florida is up to a loss of $100,000 and climbing. He calls his neighborhood ‘Forecloser Acres”.

Gas……not even a subject to discuss. The Oils Execs in DC this week said that they need their huge profits for exploration. Anybody got an oil well being drilled in their neighborhood?
And to think there are people who are seriously thinking of voting for either Hillary, or John McCain.
Personally, I think ya’ll will deserve what you get just like what you got with Bush. Unfortunately, you’re taking the rest of us poor bastards with you.
That’s enough for today. You know who you are and how you’re going to vote. I don’t care myself, because you’ll suffer right along with me.


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RS Janes
16 years ago

Now that you mention it, DS, I haven’t seen those signs on fast food joints either lately. Even some of the local sit-down restaurants used to feature “Wait Staff, Busboys Needed” signs in the windows that were faded from the sun, but no longer.

My friend the wine steward reports that business is way down in the luxury restaurant where he works near the Merchandise Mart, after several years of record profits as the modern Roman aristocrats gorged themselves on rare delicacies and top-shelf wine and booze.

The surest sign of economic collapse is in my neighborhood as the rents drop by hundreds of dollars and the condos are vacant. Homeowners here have gone from gentrifying and rising real estate rates to hanging on by their fingernails, unable to sell because they’d lose so much in the deal.

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