Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

“Ill speak for the man, or against him, whichever will do the most good.”
— Richard M. Nixon

On March 25th, MSNBC’s First Read reported John McCain’s delusional comment, “We’re succeeding [in Iraq], I don’t care what anybody says.” True to form, McCain’s Big Media Fondlers cast this bit of insouciant ‘unsinkable Titanic’ stupidity as their War Hero’s steadfast refusal to back down after the marking of the 4,000th American death in Bush’s Bust in the Dust.

What was more interesting about the story, though, was McCain’s embrace of Osama bin Laden’s position on Iraq, and how the Big Media mavens covered it.

Bin Laden, as he’s wont to do to influence US politics, apparently echoed George Bush’s and John McCain’s contention that Iraq is the central front in the war on terrorism and McCain, incredibly, accused those that didn’t believe bin Laden of ‘naivete’.

Who’s being na, Senator?

In 2004, convenient for the purposes of shoehorning Junior into a second term, a video surfaced shortly before the presidential election of Osama endorsing John Kerry for president. The GOP and our simple-minded national media flogged this thing repeatedly as ‘proof’ that Americans should vote for Bush without analyzing what this really meant: They were telling us we should blindly vote against anyone Osama endorses. Naive? Did it ever occur to them that the Al Qaeda chief might lie to us, knowing full well what impact he would have on the election? It’s no secret that recruitment has been up for Al Qaeda, and Bush’s occupation of Iraq and pugnacious belligerence in the Middle East has been turning the Arab world against us.

And once again McCain is floating the ‘listen to Osama’ tripe, with his BM foot soldiers running interference by trying to frame it as a ‘won’t back down’ moment instead of the stunning idiocy it really is.

Of course, neither McCain nor the Big Media are that na to have any hope of winning this year and to lock up the nomination, McCain has had to appeal to that dwindling portion of the GOP that still believes Bush is a competent president and the religious nuts trying to spark Armageddon in Asia Minor, and the wretched employees of the corporately owned and operated ‘liberal media’ have noted that no one misses a paycheck for advancing the interests of the corporately owned and operated Republican Party.

This coming election is about whether the people will continue to let the foxes rule the hen house, devouring everything in sight for short-term gain while bankrupting the farm.

It’s encouraging that, even though our Corporate Media has been slinging guilt-by-association mud at Obama by endlessly repeating out-of-context clips of his America-damning pastor, and Hillary has been under heavy sniper fire for her Tuzla airfield ‘misstatement,’ while McCain has been figuratively carried aloft in a sedan chair by a retinue of barbeque-chomping reporters, supposedly dazzled into subservience by a politician who will grant them full access, the polls still say either Obama or Clinton would beat Sen. McNasty in November, if only by a few points.

As our fox-run economy crumbles, it seems the Sleeping Giant is waking up and ‘catapulting the propaganda’ isn’t working this time perhaps US voters are finally rejecting the Rove-built Empire of Dubya, the oily machinations of McCheesy McCain, the corporate poison pen of the media vipers, and the self-serving lies of bin Laden.

Maybe it’s not too late to turn this unsinkable White Star Line boat around and avoid sure disaster.


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