Wed. Apr 17th, 2024


by Ana Grarian

Ana is trying to get her butt in gear. What happens between the wee hours of the morning when I think of all the things I will get done before work, and mid-morning when I can’t seem to move?

What paperwork is good for - compost!



I know if I was sitting on my front porch I would be itching to pull up the decades old carpeting. Itching is the prime word here. That carpet is so full of hair and dirt, and whatever that it literally makes me itch. Though it is an indoor/outdoor carpet it is impossible to sweep, and I don’t own an industrial grade vacuum with a power head. It needs to be torn out and tossed.

But what I really should be doing is paperwork. Need I say more? It’s not that it is difficult – it’s just that it’s – paperwork. It’s a nice day outside. I’d rather be weeding. I’m about ready to say that since my procrastination is winning, I might as well do a physical task that will accomplish something rather than torturing myself. It’s sure to rain soon – and THEN I’ll do it – sure…..

By AFarmer

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