Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

This little gem appeared in CNN today.
A leading Democratic senator today cast doubt on the rationale for the surge of U.S. troops in Iraq. Recent violence in the country raises questions about both the military and political success of the strategy, said Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan.

No shit, sherlock! What have we all been saying since the beginning? Since when, did it become obvious that when you gave the keys to this war to George Bush, that he would eventually drive it over a cliff?

The man has been a failure at EVERYTHING that he has ever done in his life.
They require background checks on people who go to work for Home Depot. Didnt anyone bother to check how many businesses this idiot has ruined?

Why would you let a man, who drove an oil company out of businessAN OIL COMPANY, run a country?

Thats right. Sheeples! It was the sheeples who put him in there, and its the sheeples who handed him the Presidency and the keys.

Now, 7 years in, they want him to give back the keys to the wreck he caused.

Tell that to all the dead and wounded. Tell that to the homeless vets. Tell that to the vets with mental problems.

This administration, Republicans and Democrats are so screwed up that the only thing short of firing everyone of them, is for a coup to occur and reinstall a constitutional government.


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