Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

I really hate to write about this holiday. It has lost so much meaning for Americans who are not even taught the reason behind it, in school any more. And, not only that, everything it ever stood for we have become bigoted about, and cannot even show by example, it’s true meaning to the rest of the world.

Hillary Clinton told the Greeks and the world that there was no reason for aid ships to be permitted to go to Gaza as Israel had assured her that they were building housing for the residents there.

This statement was made after many reports and pictures have been shown of farms being bulldozed for apartment buildings for Israeli’s, not for those from Gaza.
In addition, the aid ships are carrying medical supplies, food, and construction equipment to repair the infrastructure that has been destroyed by those who are, as Hillary put’s it, “Helping them”.

Some of the crews and captains of these vessels are being held in wire cages in Greece, under orders from both the United States and Israel.

With a holiday coming up, that celebrates our freedom and independence from oppression, this incident should leave not only a bad taste in all American’s mouths, but a record of shame added to our already growing list of International Crimes that we have committed continuously since 1990 in the death of civilians attempting to protect their countries and our soldiers whom we have sent to be killed as enemy combatants, or as was said at Nuremberg, “We were only following orders.”

Try coming home after killing the residents of their country and tell your children about it. And……the Army wonders why there are so many suicides.
God Bless America……..but only he would know why he should.


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