Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


by Ana Grarian


I love waking up early in the morning and having coffee on the porch. Though I must say this morning when the garbage trucks came through and it was still dark, I shuddered a little. Heading toward the end of summer, and it seems we just got started.

I like it too when it’s chilly enough that I wrap a blanket around my shoulders. At least those mornings I’ll be able to get dressed without being drenched in sweat. The trip to work might even be comfortable, even if the humidity is teasing.


I do miss sitting on my deck at the farm. The mist rising up off the pool was reminiscent of an Adirondack morning. I enjoyed diving in when the air brought out the goosebumps on my skin and made the water feel oh so warm. Maybe I’ll put a birdbath in my front garden and see if that puts off a small mist. At least I could watch the birds enjoy it.

Soon my Hostas will bloom and we will have hummingbirds in the garden. They remind me of my Grandmother. For whatever reason we did not have them much at the house I grew up in, but my Grandmother set out feeders for them. At the farm they came with the Hostas and for a few weeks would drive the cats crazy.

So for a while I’ll have my misty mornings, and the colorful hum of tiny jeweled birds in the afternoon.


By AFarmer

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