Mon. Apr 15th, 2024


by Ana Grarian

   The garden is going fairly well here on our corner lot. I’m learning where the sun shines enough and where it does not. I have two healthy volunteer pumpkin vines and a couple of cukes. The broccoli is serving me. Tomatoes have started to ripen, and at least one pepper plant will bear fruit.

The carrots are lovely and soon to be picked, but the beans are a bust.

Who can’t grow beans?

Now that I know where the veggies grow best I won’t plant gladiolus there next year, and the front lawn patch will have to sport veggies.A water barrel is a must and I think perhaps two. Maybe one to siphon bath water into, here where we pay for water. We have had almost no rain this June or July. Grass in the neighborhood is burned brown and the trees are showing the stress. If it weren’t for humidity many more plants would be dead.

Next spring will also see an investment in structures for vertical gardening to increase usable sunny space. I think it will also make a blank and bland side of the house more attractive. I won’t start seeds so early and I will use deeper containers.I will be patient and not be tempted to set seedlings out too early. I will put labels on my plants so that I don’t inadvertently weed out my sunflowers. And I won’t plan an extended April vacation when seedlings need scrupulous watering.

I’m not being hard on myself this year. It takes time to learn the lay of the land and this garden first needed extensive clearing of overgrown shrubs. This fall I will be able to lay down good compost, and build a few retaining walls. It’s all good.

By AFarmer

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