Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

One of my favorite political cartoonists is Pat Oliphant. His most recent post shows a starving African mother with child outside of a restaurant while an American couple eat and wish they would leave while they were eating.
Normally he is right on the money, and he is correct, but there are Americans, homeless, being told by politicians that they can supplement their diets by Dumpster Diving.
Why the hell are we worrying about feeding Africa when the greatest source of food in the food is here, and we’re allowing our own people to starve.
They’re tearing down foreclosed houses in many cities, and there are thousands living in tunnels under Las Vegas, New York and on and on. Detroit is talking about establishing green zones where farming can take place where houses and factories used to be. Yet we are still paying out subsides to farmers to NOT grow crops, to NOT milk cows. In other words, to purposely force the price of everything up, not only to consumers, but in the end, to the farmers themselves.
Even better. The FDA is fining organic farms for growing crops for resale and will soon be going after Mom & Pop operations in your local areas. That law was slipped through earlier this year. No private vegetable gardens.
I really hope that I come out of this coma soon and find out this has all been a figment of my imagination.


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