Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Frank Blair, aka Frank The Liberal, reappears here at Our End of the ‘Net with the weekly podcast of is radio show, Equal Time Radio, broadcast Fridays on KLAY 1180 in Lakewood, Washington.

  • We discuss the Komen debacle. Not smart folks 24 hours to destroy a breast cancer prevention organization. Wow
  • Our Man on the Floor of the House gives us a legislative update from Olympia.
  •  Senator Debbie Regala joins us to discuss SB 6162. A kind of early Amber alert for vulnerable populations. It’s called Kimmie’s law.
  • Cecil Daily and Diana Stadden from ARC of Washington call in to tell us Kimmie’s story and the reason SB 6162 is necessary.
  • Mitt romney has had a rich and charmed life, handed EVERYTHING on a silver spoon. He has NO idea what American life is like because he has never lived it.


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