Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

A church organization sent me a link to the H2O Project, suggesting some of us might want to use it as a Lenten project.

Drink Water to Give Water: The H20 Project
The H20 Project is a simple but powerful campaign.

Give up coffee, soda, etc. for two weeks and just drink water.

The money you save will help us provide clean, safe water for people in need!

So grab some friends, your church, or youth group, and change the world with us

I am intrigued. This is a wonderful way for me to help other people and to force myself to be aware of the blessings in my own life, as well as give myself a chance to learn how those “blessings” may really be hidden curses. I am gung-ho ready! There is just one small problem…..

I have to work between now and Easter.

In addition there is a stressful, medical event  in the next couple of weeks that requires me to be sane, supportive and calm.

How do I wean myself off coffee in the next 6 (SIX!) days, so that I won’t be the `lack off caffeine zombie’ with the raging migraine?

Coffee is my drug of choice for all events stressful, and celebrations. I drink coffee to wake up, to steel myself for work, as a reward when I get home and that warm goodnight just before bed. I can tell how bad, good, productive my day has been, by the number of coffee cups on my desk at the end of the day. Water does not seem THAT appealing.

Don’t get me wrong. I know these are the whinings of  a self absorbed, coddled individual. I know that all that coffee is probably not good for me. Since I brew my own I won’t save THAT much money, but the $10 a week I spend for Fair Trade coffee will do someone some good. And if I happen to go out for a meal, that $ or $$ will add up (and will I really miss diner coffee?). The other issue is that it is still cold in CNY. I have given up coffee during the summer. Heat and humidity make that cold water so much more appealing.

Well, SUCK IT UP ANA! This is a good cause, a project you are completely capable of accomplishing, and something you NEED! to do.

By AFarmer

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Ken Carman
12 years ago

Most water bothers me: either too chlorine-ish or to stripped of tasty minerals. Guess I’m spoiled by having two wells: one here and one at our place in the Dacks. Luckily neither area a target of the frack machine that seems determined to poison our underground supplies.

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