Hillary’s Future In An Obama Administration

Anyone who dreams of Hillary Clinton as president is an idiot.

Anyone who dreams of a unity ticket is on the pipe.

So, where does Hillary Clinton belong?

I have two guesses. I'm figuring John Edwards for AG, so there's two places left for Hillary:

How would the Supreme Court suit her? Clinton, powerful, independent, left-leaning, would certainly be the beginning of reversing the disatrous lurch to the right of the Court. If she can be promised Justice Stevens' seat, that would be a good reason for her to drop out of the race.

How about Special Counsel to the White House? Rove's spot is extremely influential and would allow Obama access to the vast resources of the Clintonistas. Likewise, Hillary Clinton has a voice-and it should bring Hillary supporters into the Obama fold.

So, no one is talking about this-what do you all think of these moves?