Who Crapped in the Sandbox

by Ana Grarian

Ana has been completely, immovably depressed for several weeks now. It seems like the whole world has lost their senses and continues in a downward spiral to the complete devastation of the land we live in. We’re crapping in our own sandbox and still continue to build monuments to industry. As the big players hog our toys and clean sand and we are pushed inexorably to the festering corners we refuse to pay attention to what our eyes and nose tell us and instead dream of our own castle to the sky.

How putrid do our lives have to get before we push back?
Are we so surrounded that we really believe there is nothing we can do?

Of course there are many people doing good work to wake us up and lead us in the right direction. Everyday folks are talking to the EPA and the DEC, begging for these regulatory agencies to protect us from industry. Smal town residents are gathering at town hall meetings to say

Yes we want jobs
Yes we want business
Yes we want to help feed people
NO NO NO not at the expense of fouling our land, air, water and community health!

Folks who know the value of rationally sized farms and industry to the life of their region.

But still the voice of industry beats the drum promising dollars, dollars, dollars, dollars, when the only green will go into the pocket of big business as swiftly and surely as the natural green browns out with excesses of manure, chemicals and depletion of water…

Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!!!

The glitter of the TV screen, the pretty displays in the stores, are pastiche manufactured through the death of men, women and children, not to mention wildlife, through poverty, pollution, disease.

Salmonella, e-coli, swine flu, BPA, smog.

Your breakfast burrito is killing you!

The power of industry grinds along as long as we pay to feed from its trough and expect it to stop.