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Inspection- Captain Kirk and Direct TV’s Mind Sucking Machine

By Ken Carman

 The past 4 plus years remind me of an episode of classic Trek called Dagger of the Mind. America has been locked in a room where the nation is forced to listen to repeating claims, like one that started in 2015 and never ended: if Trump loses it always MUST be rigged.
 Keep repeating claims as if they are proven facts and weak minds believe.
Inspection Was there ANY way he and his enablers would have accepted losing? A rhetorical question like, “Is water wet?” You KNOW the answer.
 Early AM, can’t sleep: the TV is my lullaby with New Age music on 856: Direct TV. Or one of the exploratory channels featuring shows like, How the Universe Works or Unearthed. Shows interesting, but not interesting enough to keep me awake.
 Hey, I found 3 channels I never noticed before: Idea, SALE and Xtra. Let’s see what’s on them! Infomercial. Infomercial. Infomercial… god, doesn’t Direct TV have enough infomercial channels? Like far more than half of their channels? Read more

The Uptown Hillbillies: 40 Years of Trump Skeeviness

This is a straight copy ‘n’ paste from my Facebook page but I thought it should be said here, too…

Written by Steve Body

I may not know much but I KNOW Donald Trump.

I started studying him after seeing his first major interview, with NBC’s Tom Brokaw on the Today Show on August 21, 1980. I was fascinated and repelled. He was the exact distillation of American greed and and corruption was brazenly unapologetic about it. He was, even then, smarmy and ingratiating to anyone he perceived as a step on his ladder up and completely dismissive to those below him…and oblivious and openly, if subtly, contemptuous of anyone brown or black.

I also know this post was prompted by a FB friend, just this morning. In watching Trump’s family grow, I’ve seen increasingly that the Trumps have become The Beverly Hillbillies, albeit with dumber accents. That is not a casual comparison. Donald as Jed, Don Jr. as Jethro, Ivanka as Ellie May, Eric as…I dunno, Jethro’s idiot brother, Cletus, and a succession of Grannies, most notably Kelly Ann Conway or her male doppleganger, Jeff Sessions, who even looks like a (slightly) younger Granny. All this, of course, minus 100% of the charm and humor and personal appeal of the originals. Read more

Inspection- Fair is Fair: Of “Antifa,” “BLM,” Occupy and Domestic Terrorists

By Ken Carman

 Happens too often. I carefully edit several possible new editions of Inspection and events demand I write something else.
 I have an idea for the people laughingly called “protesters” in DC, and we probably don’t even have to pretend one is carrying a weapon. Find one, order him to put it down, then shoot him rapid fire in the back: 7 times. Find another and Inspection“pacify” him by kneeing him to death. Enter the offices they have occupied and break the door down. Anyone even levels a weapon shoot whomever is with them.
 I think you know the rest. The point being, in case you missed it, if the tactics used to murder people because they MIGHT be carrying a weapon they’re pointing at no one, MIGHT be involved in drug dealing, needed to be pacified, are to be fairly applied, such tactics certainly apply to domestic terrorists who actually break into and occupy public buildings in our capital on a crucial day. Some of them armed. Hey, even if they just sit down, to be fair, pepper spray the whole bunch like Occupy.
 And in none of these other cases were the dead, the abused, the beaten, the brutalized, occupying DC in an attempt to overthrow an election, trying to threaten Congressmen and women. Not one so endangered our Congressmen and women that those public servants had to go into hiding, lockdown. Read more

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