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Inspection- Oh, DEER, What Could the Splatter Be?

by Ken Carman

Massachusetts: a deer was hit by a car, bounced and went through the windshield of a school bus, landing in the driver’s lap.
 This edition won’t make some happy who consider themselves pro-gun rights.
Inspection This edition won’t make some happy who are considered to be anti-gun.
 This edition won’t make those whop are anti-hunting happy
 All these terms are over generalizations: a different topic.
 Those who don’t care much for hunting too often are painted with having the “poor Bambi syndrome.” Those who love hunting are too often painted with the trigger happy, drunk, “let’s party first” guys who are loathed by any true hunter.
 I come from a family that hunted every year. We didn’t go out with major fire power. My father had an M1, my brother various guns: most memorable a Carcano. You know: the Kennedy killer bolt action rifle that used military ammunition. Not highly reliable. Not highly accurate, even with a scope because it had a tendency to misfire and had a poor workmanship problem. A surprise how well it did, considering. I had, well have, a single shot .43 Spanish Remington Rolling Block that is retired: the barrel brittle and ammunition/shell pretty much extinct. Read more

Inspection- Selective Outrage and Selective Silence Will Be Our Undoing

An enraged blonde teenage girl shouts angrily into her pink mobile phone. Courtesy Getty Images

 All of the following are signs of the times, I suppose… as the cliche goes. Collectively a dark one, for sure: and I’m sure the darkness is intentional.

by Ken Carman

 Where are all the Bernie people, so outraged at how Democratic leadership screws them over? Biden supporters who find less than adequate coverage? And where, oh, where has our not so little media gone: those who dare call themselves “journalists?”
 Since you so often write and/or appeal to the lowest of low brows, write down to (at best) an 8th grade level, maybe you’ll get this, “Yous guys DO know theres bes Republicans challenging Trump, right?”
 The outrage at how they’re being shut out should peg the plethora side to the public pissed off and journalist curiosity meter. Talk about snubbing candidates while obeying the wishes of the new party elites. Read more

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