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Inspection- ‘News’ Clown Car in SPACE!

by Ken Carman

 CliffNotes for on the hour ‘news…’
 Shooting in Seattle… 30 seconds at best.
Inspection Debate…. 30 seconds at best.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 3-4 minutes, minimum. Probably more.
 To be more accurate I needed to type ‘Felicity’ many more times but those microscopic carps in my tunnels started to protest. One of God’s tiniest miracles he gives to us old folks: itsy bitsy inside our fingers fish.
 Old man jokes aside, there really is very little that qualifies as ‘news media’ these days, thanks to the deregulation of the media so long ago. CNN maybe, occasionally, but Trump hates them so I’d better obey or he and his cultists will start calling me a names. I’m SO scccccccccccccaaaarrreeedddddd! Read more

Inspection- Don’t Blame Trump

Sic semper tyrannis,” Booth cried.

by Ken Carman

 I should have entitled this, “Don’t JUST Blame Trump,” but got your attention, eh? Chuckle.
Inspection Trump…
 Horrific? Yes. Out of control? Yes. Guilty of crimes beyond impeachable? Yes. The singular sole source of this evil? NO. Not even close.
 Donald Trump and Bill Barr may seem like an evil comedy routine to some: the Laurel and Hardy of politics, only Hardy, played by Barr, was never that smart and duplicitous legally, therefore so evil. Laurel was funny in his cluelessness, never like a spoiled, arrogant brat who must have everything HIS way.
 Barr is probably the ‘best’ hire Trump has done in his pathetic, self centered life: when it comes to letting political criminals escape consequences Barr has experience plus. But Barr, Trump and Republicans couldn’t have become this wrecking ball without all that went before.
 How dare I type any of that? Read more

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