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Republican Rigging Part 29: Superpacs

Written by Robert Warden

The term “Superpac” sounds to me like something out of a video game, but it’s not. It’s something out of a political influence game instead — a way of raising larger sums of campaign money than would otherwise be possible. To my surprise, the existence of Superpacs according to Open Secrets, is traced to a Supreme Court decision in July, 2010 called Speechnow.Org versus Federal Election Commission, not to Citizens United. The thread of Supreme Court decisions giving more power to corporations and big money interests in influencing elections is much longer than I had realized. Moreover, Superpac money, as it turns out, can also be “Dark Money,” even though Superpacs are required to disclose their sources. As it turns out, some of their sources (which they disclose), may themselves be Dark Money sources, as the following article by the Sunlight Foundation explains ( Read more

Inspection- Making America America, Part 2: A One Party System

by Ken Carman

Inspection America is in danger of becoming a one party nation. The two parties do have far too many similarities in some ways, but that’s not the problem. Even with the often too far rightward 3rd way Dems there are differences. Generally they are pro-Choice, generally they cut less social programs, generally they believe in a legal balance between gun rights and responsibility. Yes, there still are differences.
 The problem is far more insidious.
 Of all the things Hillary has said perhaps the most accurate was the oft mocked phrase, “Vast right wing conspiracy.” I suspect even she under estimated just how vast it has become. And their collusion over neutering our system for electing our representatives is probably number one when it comes to evidence. Read more

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