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Inspection- Vote!

By Ken Carman

 I want you to vote. No matter whom you vote for. I won’t waste my time, your time, trying to convince you to vote for someone else. InspectionDon’t waste mine. You want to explain why you are voting for whomever? You want to explain why anyone shouldn’t vote for whomever? Fine. But no one has to agree. No one has to listen. No one has to read what you write. No, not even what I am typing right now.
 Vote for Trump. Vote for Biden. Vote for Bernie. Vote for Jo Jorgensen. Vote for Howie Hawkins. Vote for Alliteration Miteration.
 OK, I made that last Alliterative pun up for fun, but write Miteration in if you want. You can vote for Groucho Marx like I have on a rare occasion. My personal rule was I would do that when just one person was running; one person who had never bothered reaching out to voters so I had no idea who they were. Just reading their promo material won’t do. It’s like what a salesman claims when they’re trying to sell you a used car. Personally I don’t trust what candidates write; or have written, about themselves any more than I would accept what time share salesmen claim is gospel. So Groucho. My single write in might as well make someone laugh.
 You don’t have to use my reasons. Use your own reasoning. It’s YOUR vote. Read more

Inspection- Ruling Class Days, Prot Movie Moments

By Ken Carman

Inspection One of the great things about being in the Adirondacks is in either of our homes here we DON’T have Direct TV. TV is the great sucking machine: combining all the power and features of a Dyson, a wet vac, a Shark and an Electrolux. 99% of programming empties the mind. Fills it with unreal reality TV, absurd soap situations and game show; carnival barker-like, distractions.
 You may not be rich, but just hold still! If lighting strikes a million times, and you’re entertaining maybe even mostly mindless, you might get mildly rich… though nothing compared to billionaires. Certainly not as rich as those who get there via somewhat legal business scams. Unlike those of us who were in business who made enough to show a little profit as we brainstormed how to do even more for our customers, and hopefully society at the same time. Read more

Inspection- Folding the Space Between Us

                               Courtesy Brandon Young
During this autumn, this political season, I have decided for a few editions to… FALL… back on those less than political ones I so love to write. One of my favorite columnists was Sydney Harris; whose mission seemed to be to help you think out of the box. To help us think beyond ongoing societal angst, beyond dogma and beyond all too convenient talking points. I hope I have honored his memory with my less than political efforts like this.

 I just finished re-watching The Space Between Us, a movie panned by many armchair pundits, but a movie I dearly love. Despite the wrong headed criticism that the movie is soppy. They claim ‘soppy’ Inspectiondespite moments like when Tulsa: the very jaded love interest, slaps Gardner more than once. Say that despite the clash between him and a culture he doesn’t really understand, didn’t grow up in, only knows from movies and contact with astronauts. Perhaps they could have included the deleted scene where he gets mugged to satisfy the critics, though neither Millie nor I needed it.
 Hey, you want “soppy?” I KNOW “soppy.” The Hallmark Channel plays in my Nashville home more often than not, and it’s not me. But that’s OK. Sometimes “the space between us” is exactly what we need for a good relationship.
 Several pictures, taken just north of me right now at Golden Beach in the Adirondacks, had me thinking. Amazing photos… courtesy Brandon Young. Also used in a Facebook group I started.
 I love to think, to ponder, to question, to analyze. I admit that drove some of my former girlfriends crazy. Mrs. Carman too. Sorry, Millie. You still love me, right? How much? Specify.
 Yes, like a knight in armor I… jest. Read more

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