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Inspection- Just a Cowinky Dink

What happened long ago when one leader didn’t care for his countrymen other than his ‘base.’

By Ken Carman

 It’s just one Chinese guy, 15-0, we have it under control, a mask makes me look weak, it’s a Democrat hoax; and through all this the virus grew worse. I know it may seem intentional but it must just be incompetence…
Inspection …a cowinky dink.
 Sending goons to grab prepaid PPE ordered by states meant to protect citizens. Praise oneself for how well we have done handling the crisis. Praise China, Blame China. Still buy from China. Waiting for him to say that the “Deep State,” helped by George Soros and Demo-rats helped design this “CHI-NAAAAAAHHH” plague… uh, virus that’s ‘just a flu.’ All the finger pointing while forcing open America, and COVID gets worse, more die. If one were conspiracy minded one might think making it worse is the intent. But must be… Read more

Inspection- The Boy Who Cried “You’re Trying to SHAME Me!”

Subtitle: Shame on Ewe

Be aware, this talking point may become even more of an important part of social/political discourse this election season.

By Ken Carman

 Tis a curious claim, at best. Made even more curious when used by some progressives and the right. Makes you wonder how many are actually trolls using the same talking points, or at least not understanding how much they Inspectionact like those they claim to loathe.
 On the right we had New York Police Benevolent Association President Mike O’Meara who claimed we are trying “to shame” police. Shame them into stop shooting people, especially targeting blacks. Shame police into understanding why holding someone’s knee down on a neck for over 8 minutes until they DIE is beyond wrong. Shame them into behaving as if they deserve the respect they get. Stop stopping and killing people driving while black, selling cigarettes while black, passing a bogus bill he probably had no idea was counterfeit. Stop defending execution by police.
 Almost at the same time, supposedly on the left, “Stop trying to shame us into voting for Joe Biden!”
 But I can’t ‘shame’ you. Read more

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