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Inspection- Prayer and Guns?

by Ken Carman

 Tis the season of silly pushed by those I’m sure would claim to mean well. But no one is laughing at the silly: dead children remain dead, school shooting rates soar, the number of grieving parents, brothers and sisters increase geometrically, while memes, Facebook Inspectionposts, pundits, pols and appointees blame it on still not enough guns, Ritalin, too many exits, too many entrances, abortion, we need to “harden the target,” the schools are too old, everyone entering at the same time, or my fav: Barney. Damn that Barney, purple terrorist that he is since he was dragged off the stage because he kept singing I Love You to little kids. Perv.
 But the one that gets to me, because I have a very personal experience with it, is because prayer was taken out of schools. Read more

Inspection- Short Story for a Country Short on Time

Let’s hope all this is no more than a short story. It is a reoccurring narrative that has been running through my head lately.

by Ken Carman

 How easy you have made it for us. At first we thought we’d have to inspire a race war like InspectionTimothy tried in Oklahoma. Revenge for Ruby Ridge was only a very small part of the many glorious reasons for the explosion that day. But, after the sacred event, instead of turning on each other you huddled together, became supportive, less combative. That was a lesson we have built on. We had to find other ways to sew the discontent, inspire hatred across class and racial lines, whatever will serve our cause.
 A few of us still shot up churches, occupied state lands; using the old model. They listened to the talking heads who sing our tune, inspire us, and decided to take action. But most of us wised up. Rebranding helped; connecting with like-minded folks, like White Nationalists. Read more

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