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Inspection- New Administration Initiative Limitations

 Every once in a while I like to propose something and see what my readers think…

by Ken Carman

Proposed: for the first two years of any new administration we limit Congress voting on new initiatives, and this includes executive orders. No Inspectionlimitations if reelected, except whatever Congress may impose by not considering or no funding.
 Is this unconstitutional? If so, if it makes sense, we would need that very imposing cliff climb called amending the Constitution.
 Right off the bat I’m going to admit to at least three things… Read more

Republican Rigging Part 35: It’s Not Just Russia.

Written by Robert Warden

I feel that it’s time to wrap up this series of posts and start a new one on long term progressive strategy, unless some new form of system rigging comes to my attention. But before I finish, I want to discuss one more topic, that of the globalization of election interference. We all know that the United States has been guilty of political interference in many other nations’ elections and political events. Nobody is trying to excuse this. In fact, perhaps it has gotten to a point where all of us who aren’t power mongers or financial kingpins are political victims of international political intrigue, and the United States bears much of the blame for that. However, from what I have discovered, so does Russia. These two nations are probably the world leaders in election interference. Yet, many other nations are involved, as well.

The feeling that I get is that political power figures and even financial power players have been trying to steer politics globally, with varying degrees of success, and sometimes at cross purposes. For them, it’s a high stakes game that leaves the rest of us out of the process except as voters to be won over or protesters and activists to either be suppressed or applauded. But since the core of the political and financial power structure is self-serving and loathe to cede power even for the sake of progress and the greater good, the power players mostly are working against the common cause of the greater good. Sure, technological progress is welcome, but only for those who pay for it. Progress on social equality is welcomed by some too, but frankly, I find social progress to be hopelessly stunted as long as people lack fair representation in government and continue to be mired in ever increasing economically unfair inequality. Read more

Inspection- President Bernie, President Hillary

by Ken Carman

 It’s 2020 and Hillary has been president for almost four years. We are on to yet another Benghazi hearing, another E-mail hearing, plus other supposed Inspection‘scandals’ being investigated right up until Election Day. Little has been accomplished because the tactic of blocking everything Obama tried to do has continued; put on steroids. Congress is, and remains, in Republican hands; even more so after 2018. We also didn’t count on was just how much election fraud was out there, how much interference; even from foreign sources.
 Some of those who supported Bernie say, “Bernie would have known how to handle this. You wouldn’t have had this if Bernie had become president. He not only would have won with more votes, known how to handle the Republicans, but he would have had long coattails.” Read more

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