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Inspection- Count the Votes

 With so many different voting systems…
 With so many different secretary of states, governors, appointees responsible for the integrity of the vote Inspectionwho are too often beyond irresponsible…
 All this, and more, make presidential elections a mess, though if you have control of enough states and can implement election fraud tactics the popular vote may be lost, but not the College.
 Otherwise counting every vote is hard. So many fires to fight with those who don’t want some people to vote, don’t want every vote counted. If the midterm taught us anything; on a state by state basis, corruption is still a problem but fighting to get every vote counted has more of a chance.
 Not that it’s “easy.” Those who know if every vote is counted their side will lose will do all they can to get in the way, including demanding machines be confiscated, refuse to step down when they are in charge of election integrity when they’ve proven they’re actually there to skew the system their way anyway possible.
 I previously wrote that 2018 was no big blue wave, just a substantial ripple. One of those times I love being wrong. My only defense is that was with the vote as it stood just post election night. OK, yes, it was a wave. I still resist “big,” but we shall see, hopefully. More than “hopefully:” WE HAVE TO. Read more

Ye Olde Scribe Presents: The Evaluation

Before the Main Event

Hear Ye, Hear, Hear Ye! Some of this is read in the South. Ye haw! Hee Haw! But it’s not sound, it’s digital print. OK, pardner, just read! (In the day of Twitter, tweets, texting, is reading going the way of Dino? Let’s ask him…

Oh, sorry Dean. Readers of YOS haven’t seen much from him in a while because he’s hiding out in his secret underground Archie Bunker built when Darth Cheney almost bombed the country, but decided his employee, Binny Boy, might just give us a good scare. It’s in the Berserk-shires, or was that the Ctscan-skills? YOS only writes his not so trademarked satire occasionally now, as he awaits Orangeman’s apoxonusall-aggedon.

So enjoy…

“Oligarchy is us.”

Regarding Asset #110816: Donald J Suck Up Puppet Trump

Read more

Inspection- A Riple-y Election

 Anyone remember Ripley in Alien, and all the sequels?

 I must admit in my last column I hedged my bets between no blue wave, a ripple and expressed my doubts about a big blue wave. My suspicion was “ripple.” OK, I was right: it was a ripple. Not a horrible, weak one, but maybe not one of as much consequence as we might assume. We have the House… sort of. The new House will be checked by the new Senate and, of course, Trump. Pelosi will be an Inspectioneven bigger foil. The less than un-creative, overly simplistic, 12 year old bully-based name calling will increase. Republicans will fall in line, especially now most of the Republicans who tried to show they had an ounce of ethics are gone. How brave. Don’t run for reelection then stand up for what’s right against one who obviously has no ethics.
 Not surprising. Please remember there’s a long history of disciplined Republican loyalty to the point of goosestepping and going over to the dark side when it’s politically convenient. And it’s almost ALWAYS “politically convenient.” Read more

I Have a Dream Part 6: U.S. Spells Us, Not Me

Written by Robert Warden

As we approach the highly anticipated midterm elections, I think it is fair to say that a common sentiment among progressives is that we need a sense of unity; we need mass action in order to achieve our political goals, which a large turnout by progressives for the midterms would signify. This in fact appears to be happening, based on voter enthusiasm and early voting numbers. However, the opposition appears to be fairly motivated too, and they are accustomed to voting in unison with each other. Fortunately, there are more of us than there are of them.

Meanwhile, as we contemplate this election, I wish to turn some attention to cultural issues which I believe are negatively impacting our politics and thus need to be changed. For several years, I have been aware of an international scale which measures the individualism versus collectivism of various nations around the world, and that the United States, as expected, ranks very high on individualism. I recently revisited this data (which I think have been updated), and found that indeed, the United States ranks the most individualistic of all nations. Frankly, this is another #1 that I wish the United States would not be credited with. Interestingly, one of my good Facebook friends is the daughter of Guatemalan immigrants, and it turns out that Guatemala ranks highest in collectivism — that is, lowest in individualism. It must seem rather odd to grow up among one subculture that is such a polar opposite of the dominant, surrounding culture. As Brenda said, Americans take individualism too far. Here is the post showing how different nations rank on Individualism versus Collectivism ( The United States has an individualism score of 91, while that of Guatemala is only 6. In fact, most nations on the list have a score considerably below that of the United States. Another interesting observation, is that English speaking nations tend to have very high individualism scores. I speculate that being at the forefront of the industrial revolution and colonizing far-flung parts of the world may play a role in that, but I do not know of any evidence to support that idea. Read more

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