Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

“We, the developed world, that is, one-third of the world’s population, misuse & denude the planet of resources & are making the world untenable. The world cannot sustain much longer the methods of husbandry of the Western nations today, with the most terrible result, the pollution which covers the world, the air, the land, the rivers, even the oceans. We destroy huge areas of what were once forests which supply, or did supply, the oxygen we need to live. We are making this planet uninhabitable. Even if sharing the world’s resources was not a problem, it would, inevitably, be impossible for the world to carry on much longer with the present misuse of resources. We have to share in order that all can live, but we have to learn to live more simply so that we can all live. We have to simplify our lifestyles and make fewer and more intelligent demands on the planet….”
Benjamin Creme

(who may or may not be a crackpot, but this message is spot on – JL)

By Ana Grarian

50+ hippy chick from NY - STATE - and yes, I'm sensitive about that.

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