Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

This week… early AM; Sirius news reporting, the price of food has soared “double digits.” Some people may be mad, but still not mad enough to unhook themselves from the imbecilic umbilical cord: TV. Meanwhile, gas prices have exploded. If we could build a combustion engine fueled by the rise and fall in fuel prices we’d have a perpetual motion machine.

Today’s news is brought to you by, “Bleaties:” now with less flavor than Wheaties minus the wheat, and less nutrition than chewing on paper. Good for feeding the empty sheep-like minds of the Mildred Montag masses with anything but intellect. And, yes, I admit the gas prices comment was somewhat of an over statement. Somewhat.

I go to the gas pump more than others due to business, and I do that Louisiana to Maine. I’ve seen how they’re playing with gas prices. State taxes don’t seem to make much of a difference anymore. Oh, they add to the price but Kentucky and especially Atlanta, GA, which used to be cheap… New York and Connecticut: expensive… are often the same, occasionally the states with lower taxes have higher prices. It makes no sense, except I have noticed there seems to be an odd, yet seemingly plausible connection between states that “vote” for pro-industry candidates; tolerate voting machine/election chicanery… and those who resist the “trend.” You guessed it: lowest for the first; highest for the second. I’m including states, like Ohio, where obvious fraud has occurred. Localities where precincts had to be shut down so Republicans can shove everyone else out the door so they can count the votes; or play with the machines, wind up on the top of the pricing totem poll. Once upon a less price fixing time; while motoring I-75 between Dayton and Cin-city, for example, one would to see prices dip quite a bit: stations competing.

All a coincidence? Obviously; just like lipstick using pigs gliding with birds in the sky would be “coincidence.”

Of course where once I left the store with a fatter wallet; it’s getting thinner, and thinner, and…

If only I could say that about my gut. Could we get these folks into the dietician biz and out of ripping us off, or would that be a Kevorkian wish?

Is it time to call it raging inflation yet?

Wait. Someone’s calling me. Um, OK. Gee, thanks. Never mind. The media-industrial-military-Bushco complex has told me I can’t say that. Makes our loving, gentle El Presidente look bad. Besides, how can they possibly steal it for McCain if the truth gets in the way? Oh, you say they don’t care about truth? Hmmm… when you’re correct, you’re correct. Or I’ll just offer a little bow with my head like the villain in Demolition Man and say…


Plausible Denial

Our next topic may have little to do with hunting for (Wesley) Snipes, but a little to do with “sniper fire.”

This week, setting up and tearing down for my show, the staging area, which also is used as a rather large classroom, had the following lesson in “responsibility” up on the board…

Where are you living?
Power… (means your living a life of…) Ownership”

“Lay blame (no control)
Justify (excuses)
Deny (I am a liar)
Quit… (means you’re living the life of…) Victims.”

Ah, a flash from the past, or is it that LSD I never ingested coming back to blow my cortex with a bad trip? The pseudo/play-acting psychologist says you should admit to something that you didn’t do. You tell them the truth: you didn’t do it. So they point and say with a smirk…

“You’re living in denial.”

If anyone “is living in denial” it just might be those who make such smug claims so easily. Yes, people lie to themselves. But catch 22’s doth not truth, fairness… or honesty make. So let’s be honest here: people are accused of things they don’t do. It happens. Sometimes people who do things accuse others of what they did, or are doing. Denying does not a liar make. And quit? What else can you do when people insist that guilt by accusation is good enough?

What has this to do with anything going on right now? You’re kidding, right? How often have we entered the media driven portal of Hillary or Barack did/said something and all the wagging pundit’s tongues start with, “If they’d just apologize… if they’d just admit…” Anyone else notice if they do decide to take the easy way out and apologize for something they didn’t do, or what wasn’t really said, or would take too much explaining… it never ends it? The same people who claim it would are right back at them the next day.

And is this any surprise in the days when Gitmo, and turning an American citizen into an ear of corn using only multiple: false, accusations as justification, is treated by the media with a big yawn? Damn it! They have real stories to get to, don’t you know that? Maybe O’Bama knows someone, who knows someone, whose half-ex-brother-in-law loaned a cigarette to someone who considered taking revenge for his Iraqi cousin who soldiers killed by mistake. Barack’s a terrorist sympathizer!

And when, oh, when… when the hell will we hold the blamifier, the deny-inator, the blame everyone else in-Chief, responsible for anything he’s obviously done, responsible for? …like approving torture he once claimed we didn’t do? …for claiming he would hold the leaker who exposed a CIA agent responsible, then refusing to? …for mocking dying soldiers with his “can’t find WMD here, or here” vid? …for lying about Iraq: as in “Saddam kicked the inspectors out,” at one moment, and then “wouldn’t let them back in” damn near in the same breath? For something? Anything?

To repeat myself, when “lipstick using pigs glide with birds in the sky.”


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over thirty years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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