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Damspot has been having severe health issues, but has become intrigued with the letters R & N.
What these 2 letters represent is Religion.

Has Damspot gone on one of his Jew baiting tirades again? No. Not at all.

First off, lets discuss what religion is. Religions, over the years have had many Gods to worship. There was Thor, Neptune, and many others. Then, Judaism, came along, then Christianity, and finally Muslim. What did they have in common? Moral control over there people. For without morals, we will run willy-nilly all over the place. Religion has always been a way to control the people. Love thy neighbor, the Ten Commandments, Do unto others and on and on.

Where the problems began is when different people had different views on what the passages in the Bible, Koran or many of the other religious groups meant to them. So they splintered into different sects, churches, Mosques or what ever.
They then referred their beliefs as religion.
Catholics dislike Lutherans. Episcopalians hate the Roman church. Baptists dislike most other religions for being too loose, they also dislike Fundamentalists who tell it like it is. And, there are divisions there. Why do you think there are so many store front churches?

So, what we have here are not moral issues, but definitive issues as to how each book should relate to their actions.
While all books preach peace, there are terms such as An eye for an eye or Vengeance is mine’ or Smite thy enemies.’
So, they skip over the peace part and go right to war.
Lets see. We have the Orthodox Russians, but they are described as a Godless people. We have the Muslims, who cant seem to get along with themselves, let alone anyone else, so they are all enemies of Christianity. Jews are hated because some idiot, banished to a cave, during Roman times, wrote a book called Revelations that sayss that if everyone doesnt bow to Jesus and become Christians, they are all going to hell.

Lets talk a little about hell, or purgatory. What to know where this came from? Before the time of Jesus, there was a garbage dump, outside of Jerusalem that burned 24 hours a day. The locals referred to it as Purgatory and would scare their children by telling them if they didnt behave, that is where they would end up.
So, now we have gone from a burning dump to tithing at church every Sunday to buy our way into whatever you think heaven is, to avoid going to hell.

There is no country on earth that could successfully be ruled by Atheists. Why? They dont scare themselves with morals, based on religion. However, they still practice them because of the very religion they dont subscribe to.

Lets try a little experiment.

Lets make religion go away. None of this My God is better than your God. Most if not all religions base their beliefs that there is a God. That is something nearly everyone can agree on. Where the similarities break down are with the prophets.

Now, all you Christians get over your fit about Jesus being the son of God. All Prophets proclaim the same thing.

Get over it. There is but ONE GOD. Forget the books. Forget the prophets.

Just remember that we are all just people, attached to a very unstable spinning blue ball.

Share the food, share the water, share the wealth. Share the peace between all men and woman that GOD intended.
Stop trying to read your own definitions into books that, at their best, have been changed to fit the times repeatedly over the years.

Believe in one GOD. Share that belief. Forget heaven, forget hell. Just worry about what you have to deal with as you live.
What difference is it truly going to make where you go when you are dead?

If you dont live now, and in peace, then you are all going to go to that burning trash dump.


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David Dilworth
16 years ago

First off, let’s discuss what religion is. Religions, over the years have had many Gods to worship. There was Thor, Neptune, and many others. Then, Judaism, came along, then Christianity, and finally Muslim.

That would be “and finally Islam.”


Then, Jews came along, then Christians, and finally Muslims.

16 years ago

Catsup/Ketchup :em95:

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