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by Ken Carman
Even though Nazism was an odd form of fascism, sometimes Hitler words did exemplify some of the basic principles. Courtesy orangepower.com
Even though Nazism was an odd form of fascism, sometimes Hitler words did exemplify some of the basic principles. Courtesy orangepower.com
 I have been musing lately, what if I wanted to fashion a fascistic state? “Now, Ken,” you may ask, “where would you put the ovens, the gas chambers, bury all the Jews?” Well, that was one very odd form of fascism, but not a requirement. People often don’t get that. For the purposes of this discussion we’re talking about…
1. An authoritarian form of government…
2. …where nationalism is demanded of the citizenry…
3. Where government and large corporations walk hand in hand with that government: helping to “control” and direct the citizenry.
4. Make sure to marginalize, or eliminate, attempts to organize around the rights of those who don’t serve the purposes, or might challenge, the corporatists.
  Remember, despite the phrase, “National Socialism,” Hitler used, there is little to no real “socialism” to fascism.
  So, how do I redesign a formerly free country into a fascistic state?
  Well, let’s make sure corporations have far more power than the citizenry. Not the small ones, or small business. No: the bigger the better. In fact regulating small business to death so big business is more powerful is better for
Courtesy geniusofinsanityworld.blogspot.com
Courtesy geniusofinsanityworld.blogspot.com
the fascistic state. I would also make money speech and, of course, corporations should have the same rights as people, but few, if any, the responsibilities. That way mega-corporations can invest in politicians, and politicians owe much more to them than the public. And if money is speech, then “speech” from the rabble will be marginalized: like trying to hear a whisper in a far beyond category 5 corporate “free speech” hurricane.
 Ignore the fact that if money is speech then speech is no longer “free.”
  But if we must talk Hitler: much has been made of Hitler and gun laws. But he actually loosened gun laws for the political correct: members of the party. He also loosened usage. Hey, if you’re going to oft a lot of folks: Jews, gays, blacks, the politically incorrect, that’s a necessity.
  So I would arm society, but make sure the rise in gun ownership is mostly among the politically correct, and liberalize usage for the same politically correct. Otherwise dampen down gun usage among the incorrect by appointing prosecutors who will go after the politically incorrect when they do try to, um, let’s call it, “Stand Your Ground.”
Courtesy The Daily Sheeple
Courtesy The Daily Sheeple
No need in having the wrong group take “advantage” of liberalized usage. Also make sure to appoint judges who will refuse to recognize the “incorrect’s” right to use liberalized usage laws. And I’d also make laws that would encourage those more politically correct folks to shoot the incorrect if they feel scared or threatened: while talking heads constantly ranted regarding how those groups, how the politically incorrect, is to blame for everything.
  Think of all the anti-Jew propaganda in Germany, and anti-undesirable propaganda like gays, gypsies… just find those all too convenient targets and aim.
  Now we’ve promoted more gun violence aimed at politically incorrect groups, let’s use that as an excuse to militarize our schools. Show the little tykes, and rebellious teens, who is really in charge. Have metal detectors, locked doors and eventually bars, maybe even razor wire. If some teen commits a practical joke, charge them with vandalism, terrorism or… just shoot them. Bring back the worst kinds of corporal punishment, making sure we promote the “fact” a lack of corporal punishment, and diversity, are all that’s wrong with our schools.
 The more jackbooted our response to those who offend us, or might challenge us, the better.
Courtesy examiner.com
Courtesy examiner.com
  Soon if someone is texting before a movie; they obviously are not behaving, the “good” citizen might shoot the person texting and their companion, claiming they felt “threatened.” Black teen out shopping for Skittles and a drink at night? Must be suspicious. Shooting them is not to be questioned.
 The poor, the disadvantaged, the homeless, make sure everyone blames them. They are to be painted as all lazy, good for nothing welfare queens. Eliminate any programs that might help them up. If a few abuse the system means all do. The system makes them “dependent.” Of course the same rules need not apply to large, politically correct, corporations who suck off the ever giving fascistic teat.
  Yes: make sure those on your side are well supported, and especially the rich and the corporations that join with you. They get the help instead, only they
Courtesy dailyshame.co.uk
Courtesy dailyshame.co.uk
are “entitled:” entitled to multiple tax breaks, entitled to eminent domain, entitled to little to no regulation enforcement, far less than smaller companies who might challenge them.
 Together you will find a way to make the rest serve you. Corporate owned prisons are a grand idea, make sure to bow to demands to make more and more things illegal so they have a growing work force in those prisons. Remember: “Arbeit macht Frei,” of course the “joke” being only those who are part of the corporate-government complex are really free, as long they they serve.
  Most of all I’d make damn sure any method the public may have for challenging leaders who support this move towards fascism was marginalized, or even eventually eliminated. If it’s voting, well…
1. Limit the time and places they can vote.
Courtesy forcechange.com
Courtesy forcechange.com
2. Tell them the wrong information as to when and where they can vote.
3. Create easy ways to hack voting and make sure it’s proprietary so the ruse can’t be uncovered.
4. Send thugs to challenge the right to vote in areas less likely to vote the “right” way.
5. Make sure they have the “right” kind of ID to vote. Not just the usual voting card we get. College ID? Not acceptable. NRA ID? Come on in citizen! You’re obviously on the politically correct side.
6. Make sure the politically incorrect, those we don’t approve of, have to travel long distances, go through a lot of effort to register, and to vote.
 If all else fails: send the votes to a server in some other state, oh, say Tennessee, to “purify” the vote.
  Yes, that’s some of what I would do if I wanted to turn a representative, free, state, into a fascistic one.
  Thank God, none of that is going on in America…
Picture of American fascists in the 1930s courtesy politicsforum.org
Picture of American fascists in the 1930s courtesy politicsforum.org


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