Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

What a day this has been, and what a great week this has been so far!

We have had beautiful sunny weather. It has actually been a bit too hot. 90 degrees by mid-afternoon and just last week we were wearing sweaters! (Cold rainy weather is sure to come as I put all my long sleeve shirts and sweaters away today)

I worked in the yard all morning and a good chunk of the afternoon, until sore muscles and creaky joints said no more. I set up my raised beds and I have been edging and forming beds under trees to get top soil to fill them.

Everything requires digging. I have a large number of Hostas that have been allowed to grow into cement like clumps a good foot square. First I dig out under the trees. Then I haul the dirt to my beds in 5 gallon pails. Then I dig up a clump of Hosta, cut them into smaller segments and plant them under the trees. During my rest periods I am researching what else will grow under locust trees. It looks like azaleas are a good choice. Now I have visions of masses of different colored azaleas adorning the yard. Little by little as I can afford them of course. Spring bulbs work well and I have a number of them to move as well. Some peonies – which I have a ton of and also need thinning – but are they the right kind?

There is so much to do and I have so little stamina. Oh to be the person I was 30 years ago. Ah well, I will enjoy as I can and sleep well (with enough pain killer) A hot tub is looking like a good idea. Maybe I can find an old stock tank that still holds water, let it heat up in the sun….

I have a narrow bed around the picnic table deck which I have decided is the perfect spot for an herb garden, but first my son-in-law wants to power wash it. So they will have to stay in tubs for now.

Rabbit and Guinea pig have been enjoying the out of doors and plenty of dandelions. I moved their cage off the porch so we could fit more chairs and now I need to perfect where it is so that it doesn’t get too hot and yet still protects them from the wind and rain. They could go behind the barn by the chicken coop, but I like them to be where we have to walk by them frequently and hence interact with them.

Soon the rest of the poultry can be out of the coop during the day. Our little club footed hen has been enjoying the run of the place. Since the others arrived she has taken pains to saunter back and forth in front of the hen house door to tease the others. The Guinea Hens have not been amused.

Well I guess it is coffee, aspirin and bed for me. The roto-tiller has claimed my back again. Tomorrow is another day in the garden.


By AFarmer

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