Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

by Ken Carman
 For a number of years I was good friends with Bartcop, internet political barfly, fellow wiseguy and pain in the digital buttskis of right wing cranks. His blog started as a rant about Limbaugh and expanded from Inspectionthere into bartcop.com. He would post my columns from time to time, we agreed a lot, and we would also argue from time to time; like about who screwed up more: Gore or Kerry. Not the results of said screw up after the fact, just who should have known better. It was always a respectable exchange, though I seriously doubt either of us changed the other.
 In case you’re curious, my answer was Kerry: he who turned his swift boat around and ran despite his VP pick, Edwards, saying we should take the time necessary to count all the votes. Gore; as bungled as the effort may have been, took it to the Supremes when none of us knew in advance just how bad this damn son of… an ex-president… would be.
 How wrong so many of us were. But who was to predict 9/11, other than all the warnings they got we didn’t know about before the crash?
 Bart had a saying he used often, and rephrased frequently to suit the topic. So I feel no guilt in rephrasing it again for my friend who passed on a few years ago. It kind of goes like this…

“Once a company (or politician) benefits from a ‘mistake,’ you know that ‘mistake’ will be made again.”

 Whether you buy the official story, or not, or only part of it, one thing is for damn sure: it was a ‘mistake.’ And, yes, that ‘mistake’ will be made again. In fact Donald Trump has already told us what the next ‘mistake’ might be: we’re headed towards one hell of a big crash. I have little doubt, like an inconvenient person is sometimes ‘suicided,’ there are plans to make it happen. And you can bet your Rowan and Martin bippy Obama, the Democrats, liberals will be blamed: essentially anyone not part of this corporatist, far right, racist, clique.
  Yes, the Laugh In joke dates me. You want to make something of it?
 Think about it: 16 years ago an administration that lost the popular vote was openly mocked, then skyrocketed in popularity after the towers collapsed. Their very ambitious goals suddenly started to fly off the dusty shelves where unpopularity had placed them on. And they knew as long as the public stayed desperate, frightened, their most perverse wet dreams could come true.
 It worked… for a while.
 If you look at who Trump is “hiring” there’s no doubt their agenda here is also ambitious: turning public education over to corporations…
 Like Germany headed down the blood drenched path to genocide by registering all Jews, now the goal is to register all Muslims and/or deport them. Trump and company have even made noise about deporting citizens who displease them, or just tossing them in prison with hardly a hint of due process. Perhaps they’ll find some way to ghetto-ize them, or load them on trains, or planes and head them off for “resettlement?”
 They want a massive military build up..
 …want to end Medicare and replace it with a… tax credit? Gee, how well will that work with poor people? Similar plans are forming for the ACA.

“OK, Mr. Surgeon. You say I need a heart transplant, how far will this voucher or tax credit get me? I earn under 10 grand a year and have several hungry mouths to feed.”

 Fulfilling one pol’s comment the right loathed, but was, oh, so accurate.

“Republican health care for the poor: just go ahead and… DIE.”

 In the 30s experiments were performed on those who were deemed defective, kind of like Pence and friends have experimented on gays by trying to turn them straight. Trump’s list of appointments is like a pit of Mengele vipers who loathe anyone not hetero.
 His defense appointment was as thirsty for war with Iran as Barnabas Collins was hungry for blood after being locked in a coffin for centuries.
 His defense appointment was as thirsty for war with Iran as Barnabas Collins was hungry for blood after being locked in a coffin for centuries. Just one more of the many Dark Shadows that Trump is mustering to make America… suck… again. OK, “suck” more.
 While another 9/11-like attack might create the environment to allow these sucky dreams to come true, why not have what worked so well for FDR? Instead of work programs why not have more war, blame all the people Donald mocked, and go after the VP’s fav demons: gays? All thanks to The Greater Depression, the last “Great” one brought on by many of the economic policies this gang loathes. What could be more ironic? Use the same vehicle that brought us so many social programs, then blame the Greater Depression on all their enemies? And their biz buddies can get rich by taking on even more foreclosures. Why it could eventually be like when the streets were lined with jewish possessions, including teeth, as they moved on to the final solution. Only now it would be all those groups Trump loved to blame, mock and demonize.
 And, right on cue, the Donald is planning on appointing the guy who worked for the firm that helped bring on an economic crash. How grand it must be for “the Donald” to have the economic Hulk-like “expert,” Steven Mnuchin, available?
 (To quote one of my previous columns a while back, “Hulk SMASH!”)
 9/11 proved to be just the start. It taught the right the fastest way to achieve wet dreams was crash related. Now, instead of planes into towers, this kind of crash could last longer, make people so desperate they simply will support any damn near any “solution.” And it won’t end there, maybe for a long time. During the petulant little Shrub’s term there was yattle about changing the two term rule. Anyone foolish enough to think this option might not be being considered, especially when they have all branches of government?
 And, right on cue, “the Donald” has been talking about this being the last election.
 Irresponsible conspiracy talk?
  The last time a president was… selected… could we ever have imagined how far they would go? Don’t dismiss the possibility of Marshall law, a national emergency, an overly obedient Congress following his every lead, and the public mostly falling in line. Much of this happened, or was suggested, after W ignored warnings. He too blamed it on the previous administration, you know, the one that tried to warn him, among others?
 Never, ever, underestimate how far they might go. We already did that before and during Shrub, and again: before this election.
 Get ready for something like those multicolored alerts to come back! Hey, maybe they’ll hook it all in with terrorism. As an additional plus they could add a new form of “terrorist” to the equation. Remember how Hillary and Barack supposedly created ISIS? Opposing, even just disagreeing, with the administration could become a traitorous act: the Alien and Sedition Acts on steroids, as he rallies his hate filled fans to go beyond what is already on the increase: schoolyard bullying, swastikas, cross burnings, anti semitic and anti Muslim vandalism. Meanwhile every convenient Alex Jones-like, and hate filled, conspiracy theory would be pumped through the media. You know, the same media who is already treating his media events like the blessed Fuhrer is shining his magnificence on us?
 And, right on cue, he proclaims there will be a lot of these 1930s like rallies to honor himself. Trump: the exalted Emperor who has no ethical clothes.
  Yes, a crash to rival the 30s could make the political benefits of 9/11 to the party in power seem paltry, at best.
 Well, as if on cue, before he even ascends, Mango Mussolini has predicted it may happen, just like he predicted the election will be “rigged.”
 Much has been made of Trump lying. But what’s even more frightening is that, so frequently, he’s not lying. In both cases he damn well may have been honest. He just doesn’t say who is really doing the rigging, or who is going to make damn sure the economy crashes.
 In the 30s two men used dire economic conditions to get what they want and to gain more power. I think you know who they were. And I bet you know who I think Trump and each of his cronies might be most like…
 …and it’s not anyone in the FDR administration.

Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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By Ken Carman

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