Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

by Ken Carman
 There comes a time when the you realize the person who have been seeing isn’t taking the relationship seriously. Worse than that not only do they ignore your concerns, but they keep making promises, asking for money, and never fulfill those promises.
Inspection You really don’t want to break their heart, but sometimes you wonder if they have any heart left to break.
 This is how I feel about the Democratic Party.
 Democratic Party, you know I would never date the one I used to be with so many years ago. He’s become a bully and I swear he’s out to kill you. The party I left for him: my first, was useless. In the state where I lived I couldn’t even vote in a primary unless I joined some major party. Now my first party has been corrupted to the point they’re the bully’s puppy dog. The Conscience of a Conservative has turned into having no “conscience” at all.
 The second party, well I wasn’t with him very long. It became obvious he was becoming abusive. This should have been obvious for many years when he does anything to get in the way of those who disagree with him, no matter how dishonest, how cruel, how many lives are ruined. He treats those who dare to disagree with him like roaches he must exterminate. Still you let him take advantage of you over and over again. You ignore constant warnings from your friends.
 So now, once again, as so often before, you ask for money. I understand. The way the Court enabled corruption, oligarchy and corporatocracy, getting money to fund elections is necessary. You certainly might try to do something about that: spend more time advocating, at least attempting to legislate against that, instead of leaving your candidates having to whore themselves out for money, but I would never leave you over that. Just hope someday you’ll start doing the right thing.
  Oh, don’t worry: the system we have in place leaves me little logical choice but to vote for you most of the time. But otherwise I am leaving. I want to leave because you keep asking for money that you only waste. Your success rate is so poor you might as well just give it to the bully. The Georgia special election is a great example. Here was a candidate who has done all she could to prevent groups that tend to vote for us from voting. For &%$#!’s sake she cut off voting after the run off election: months before the actual election… an illegal act the courts threw out.
  For now. Do you even comprehend the courts are being packed by the bully?
 But instead of spending all these years bringing such behavior to light you keep following the same old tactic. You want more money to “get out the vote,” even though with Crosscheck, gerrymandering and other election fraud tactics soon “getting out the vote” will be pointless. For $@&!!!’s sake it’s not even just about placebo voting, which is not voting at all because as far as we know those “votes” are NEVER COUNTED, no matter what. It’s about that and so much more, and the fact you keep going back to what’s increasingly becoming no solution at all: get out the vote.
  So much you refuse to even consider. Like how are we to know the electronic machines simply don’t reject many votes due to Crosscheck or whatever? With machines built by companies owned and controlled by the bully’s friends, with proprietary software, simply put: we can’t know. And, apparently, you don’t want to know.
 You act as if everything is on the up and up with tallying the vote, with the machines, with the rules that allow or reject voters. You enable them when they act like a potential voter is guilty of trying to vote illegally unless they prove themselves innocent. You know better than that. If it were just about driver’s licenses or any picture ID that the state provides easy access to, OK, I’d understand that. But when a state college ID isn’t accepted, but an NRA ID, does, you know what the goal here is. When a common black name like James K. Brown in Georgia can’t vote because there’s a James G. Brown in Iowa you know what the goal here is. When they keep changing the registration rules to suit their election needs, you know what the goal is.
They should have to prove a voter shouldn’t have the right to vote, not make the voter jump through multiple hoops.
 How many people in Georgia were denied the right to have their votes counted who could have turned the election? We may never know, but you don’t seem to give a f… Instead, “Get out the vote!” Charlie Brown cries as Lucy van Bully pulls the ball away.
 How many voters last November went to the polls thinking they voted, but they didn’t? Why do you think exit polls have become so inaccurate? You could at least raise hell, in public, about that.
 Then the mournful cry of the dodo political party…

 ”Get out the vote!!!”

  Better candidates might be nice, but that doesn’t matter until you focus on fixing this. The time to start the drive, find the focus, rally us and the nation was after 2000. So after losing, ONCE AGAIN, have you learned your lesson yet?

 To quote the bully you let into the White House by ignoring, by marginalizing, all this, “They are laughing at us.”
 I simply won’t enable you anymore. You’re like the wife who keeps coming back to her lout of a drunk with power husband who berates her, beats her and laughs at her meek efforts, bragging how much harder he’ll beat you next time. Yet you refuse to really defend yourself, while spurning those like me who ask you to do what you must to really stand up for yourself.
 I can see it coming. Anyone with brains can. He’s going to kill you, and soon he will permanently have his iron fist tightly wrapped around a one party nation. The party who fought a war against Saddam is becoming Saddam, and you’re enabling that instead of admitting there’s a serious problem and then focusing in on defanging the anti-election beast. Oh, I’m sure there have been court cases, but we need far more than that. It needs to be loud. It needs to be very public. And it needs to be ongoing, year after year. Stop waiting until election years and still hide behind this, “If we just get out the vote…” scam.
 So I’m telling you now: stop asking me for money. I won’t waste it anymore. Just stop it. Learn to have a backbone or die, but don’t bother me anymore for money. Stop wasting my time. Stop insisting spin our wheels. I’m getting out of the car. Drive over this cliff if you must but stop asking me to provide more fuel for what you’re turning into a useless endeavor.
 Must I get a restraining order?

Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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By Ken Carman

Entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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