Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Reviewed by Ken Carman

EONMovieEverything, Everything isn’t a movie that has to have the big screen, though the beauty seen through the eyes of an 18 year old who has never been out of the house might be worth the big screen. Not necessary. The magic here is between the two stars (Amandla Stenberg as Maddy and Nick Robinson as Olly) who capture the sweetness of innocent love between two young, just barely, adults perfectly.

She finally escapes the house with her love beside her and that’s when the movie turns even more magical, a bit dark, then a secret is uncovered that shows how, even out of love, selfishness and those focused on controlling people can damage others. I won’t spoil that by being more specific.

There’s a metaphor, part simile, which is bothersome. A spacemen in a suit keeps appearing and, yes, the fact she feels trapped like a spaceman who can’t climb out of his spacesuit makes sense… sort of. But consecutive over usage not only wears it thin, but distracts from the story. At times the usage was so vague, was out of context, and was disturbing to the flow of an otherwise beautiful story I just wish they had kept it down to a time or two.

But this is a minor point for sure. A definite recommend for more of a B movie. Not a life changing one, but a good one for sure.



Welcome to Our End of the New movie reviews. One poster: don’t bother. Two posters: eh, OK, but a lot of problems here. Three: Good movie, just at least one problem. Four: very good. Five: if you don’t go you’re missing out. Added comments at the end: “you could wait for it to come on TV,” “best seen on the big screen” and “good for all screens,” unless other comments are added, refer mainly to the nature of the movie such as special effects, incredible sound or scenery that might make it best seen in a movie theater depending on your set up at home.


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