Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Reviewed by Ken Carman

Oppenheimer is an interesting study in the personality of one man who develops a conscience. Sometimes wrong, sometimes right, more often between those rather stark extremes like most of us are, after developing the bomb he gets caught up between the Joseph McCarthy era and the more liberal peacenik era. Like most of us nothing he does is right according to those who thrive in extreme times.

Until this movie he had died in somewhat obscurity.

Brilliant beyond brilliant he attracted other brilliant people and perhaps his biggest ability was to gather people together, organize them into a somewhat efficient team that keep the secret of the bomb away from Hitler. It didn’t hurt that Hitler was skeptical of the whole concept, the kind of guy who felt the bogger the better. one project he green lighted was a gigantic cannon that was hard to impossible to move, maneuver and not all that accurate.

He had dated communists, but proof he ever was a communist was absent. But in the 50’s just being associate with anyone was a career breaker. So needless to say he attracted those eager to make their careers by bringing him down. And they did.

The Cinematography is excellent and I do recommend the big screen because it’s a big topic. They make you feel like you’re really there. It is long: 3 hours. But worth it.

I recommend.



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