Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Written by Thom Hartmann

There’s a reason the Framers of our Constitution wrote the word “treason” into that document 7 times and the word “rebellion” 5 times: they knew how deadly rebellions are to democracy when they aren’t swiftly and severely punished.

Yesterday saw that hard lesson play out in Brazil, with coordinated and simultaneous attacks — explicitly inspired by Trump’s assault on the US Capitol and cheered on by American Republicans — on Brazil’s presidential palace, capitol building, and supreme court building.

As The Guardian reports:

“Videos posted on social media showed fires burning inside the congress building. Furniture was broken and tossed around, objects were reportedly stolen in the presidential palace and the supreme court, and in some places sprinklers appeared to be dousing chambers.”

Trump’s buddy Steve Bannon, who reports suggest has been encouraging Brazilians to believe the election was stolen on his podcast, told the Washington Post for an article titled: Trump aides Bannon, Miller advising the Bolsonaros on next steps:

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