Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

This is about the third or fourth one of these articles I’ve written where I’ve gone over a debate I’ve had with a Donald Trump supporter. I hope that by sharing some of the tactics I’ve found to be more effective, they might get used by others who take on the mind-numbing task of trying to reason with and/or debate these people.

Eventually this latest discussion spiraled into talk about authoritarian dictatorships, where I pivoted toward North Korea as a prime example of a strictly controlled population that’s been fed, since birth, propaganda by rulers who dictate the behavior and access to information of the people living there. I even used Saudi Arabia and China as other examples of leadership styles that, while not dictatorships (China is communist while Saudi Arabia is a monarchy), still highly censor and restrict the freedoms their citizens have.

Naturally, we both agreed that these nations, while different in many regards, all shared the same heavily restrictive nature over the freedoms of their citizens. My friend agreed that it’s vitally important for these nations to be brutally controlling when it comes to freedom of expression or information, in order to maintain their control. Though I had to make sure to skate very easily around this to avoid him picking up on the trap I was setting.

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