Sun. May 26th, 2024

I don’t know Lori Sotelo personaTPFnewlly. I have had no previous encounters with her and have no wish to ever meet the woman. But her name showed up on my Facebook page, posted by a good friend of mine, who was good and pissed at just the latest in fairly long line of irrationally haughty public pronouncements by prominent Republicans who, emboldened by the (alleged, Russian-aided) “victory” of their designated tool, Donald J. Trump (currently squatting in the White House and posing as “president”), are now adopting the same attitude toward their constituents as Caligula held for his lowest subjects. First Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton – that weak-chinned, goofy-looking sack of self-aggrandizing toe jam – issued a cease & desist order against any of his electorate who dared seek an audience with him and now the imperious Ms. Sotelo, chairperson of the King County GOP Gabfest and Clown University, has similarly told one of her own to screw off because she was – as am I and millions of other people, holding Republicans responsible for the continuing slaughter at our public schools – upset and had the audacity to lay the blame where it belongs.

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