Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

by Ken Carman
 Historically this analogy is imperfect, even given the fact all historical analogies are imperfect. But the core of the analogy is the radical change to America that dumps Inspectioninto history’s septic tank everything the country was supposed to stand for. I understand our high ideals at times were as substantive as “the carnage stops HERE!!!!” …but I mean even the illusion of those ideals, the claim to hold those ideals, are part this massive Trump dump… the image of Trump on a toilet comes to mind.
 Since most land that even marginally can be occupied has been occupied, perhaps the new Caesars will “send us back” by populating the poles? Trump does claim to have a plan to go to Mars, as substantive as any planning in Trump’s head ever is. Those who continue to steer the election ship into the rocks, despite their hyper erratic boss, are unfortunately very good at taking advantage of the infrastructure of corruption they took command of. More on that in a moment.
 The worst of the Roman Empire was built out of what was, marginally, a free state. There were considered representatives of the people, but they were appointed, or ‘elected’ by men of high stature. You never would have found the 6 mile long lines to the polls like you’d find at a non-Republican voting black district. But the Caesars marginalized even that ‘representation’ to the point of meaningless. The Caesars were dictators; not that unlike the pharaohs in some ways. Damn near Gods, or did their best to be viewed as such. The “blessed” rule of the Caesars brought us illustrious rulers like Caligula. Have you seen Gladiator? That movie has a strong historical basis, based in part on the madness of Caligula and other Caesars. Killing your father, murdering those loyal to him and their families, forcing your sister to have sex with you to create an heir… which explains the expansive, increasing dolt-ery of Caesar-dumb… that’s only a start to the long list of atrocities, perversions and hideous behavior. No mention of Trump’s long history of perversion, leering at his own daughter and adultery, wink, wink, snicker, snicker.
 Would it surprise you that corruption entered the process via bribery: buying candidates? How fitting: being part of mythology in both the Empire and Christianity, let’s thank Lucifer that never happened here! Oh, wait…
 Would it surprise you that to ‘increase the base’ Constantine empowered and kissed the ass of a certain movement called Christianity. He who once led a rag tag group of followers; he who gave himself over to authorities when they came for him and chided a follower for attempting to commit violence on those who did not believe, he who was labeled “the prince of peace,” was cast aside so followers could feel free to take part in an orgy of violence, heretic slaughtering… something would outlive the Empire. Praise Portunus not one of our parties EVER gave the keys to the kingdom to fanatics anything like that! Oh, WAIT…
 Perhaps the new era somewhat paralleling these historical items should be labeled, “Trump-anity?” Complete with the sexual perversions supposed ‘Christian’ leaders of the Empire after Constantine enjoyed.
 There has been some noise from the Trump family, of Caesar-wannabe Don, that Don, Jr. could become a Putin-like stand in after the next four years. Don’t “pfffftttt” the possibility. There have been suggestions of a long succession of Trumpian Caesars.
 You might say: “Won’t happen! We won’t let it! Over our dead bodies!!!”
 Well, the last might be a little too predictive.
 Any coincidence there’s a push to have a Constitutional Convention once Donnie Senior is crowned again? Maybe we’ll just go with 8 more years, 16 more years, until the burgers and fries fry his black bloated heart?
 And please don’t blame Hillary, or progressives, or ‘moderates,’ or the DLC, or even just the Russians… certainly they all have had a share in this s**t show. But they are minor players: at best.
 Since at least 2000, if we only consider the major efforts, the Republicans, along with ALEC and other enablers, have been gaming the system. While they blather about voter fraud… by the way, where are the pictures of all those provable illegals voting? Where are all the testimonies of stupido poll workers saying…

  “Wahll, dey had no votur curd. Big bus pull up wid no un woo culd spake Anglish. Bit Is had two let em vote!!! Obama, Hillury and Bill mayd it de law!”



 (While they blather about voter fraud…) Republicans have been appointing, hiring and marginally electing those who will do anything to rig systems even more. Many systems are already rigged but more would be… better? Improving the rigging puts more wind into the sails of the Republican vote robbing pirate ship. Captained and enabled by those who will spread their not really elected legs for anyone, they cry, “SAIL, HO… s!!!”
 ”Systems” is a large part of the problem… like Kemp in Georgia. Now it’s OK to run and rig your own election? OK to smash the voting systems into being beyond useless? Anything to perfect rigging all the various state voting systems?
 Donnie didn’t start this. Like the succession of increasingly corrupt leaders in the Empire, he has just taken command of corrupt systems: corrupted by many who now his enable him: first and foremost the Republican Party. A party conquered by the most fanatical part of the “whatever it takes,” supposedly ‘religious,’ Conservative movement.
 The thing that may make us weep in 2020 is we may find out just how wrecked election ship is. We really need a national standard for ALL elections. Unlike George W. and the Court’s idiotic Bush v. Gore precedent (Yeah, I know they stated “no precedent.” Hope you didn’t buy the Brooklyn Bridge back then.), this IS “unequal protection.” We are faced with an erratic plethora of ways to vote and an ease of corrupting them just by electing or appointing “anything to win”-ers. 2000 was a warning. We did nothing but make it much, much worse and easier to do Help American Votes NOT Count. (Help America Vote) 2016 was a bigger, more dire warning. The fact that state by state we had to fight like hell to get the votes counted indicates it’s getting worse.
 Post 2016 and 2018: does anyone sane person think Republicans have been sitting back and not perfecting all this! How’s that Brooklyn Bridge working out for ya?
 The irony here is some Republicans who are awake now, not ruled by partisan hackery, who realize what a bombs over American rather than Japan moment this is are like dogs who have intentionally placed their own tails in a campfire. Maybe they’re waiting four more years so the TRUE “true” religious conservatives can take over. Is that defined as “waiting Pence-sively?”
 Meanwhile the left has mostly spent the last two and half years shooting spitwads at each other instead of organizing to actually DO something about this. I suppose the best we can do is try to repeat 2018 and do what we can to make sure ALL the votes are counted. Have the unequal protection systems been so gamed, so broken beyond immediate repair, the Trump dump so complete, that the rule of a succession of American Trump Caesars be assured? Stay tuned to this odious smelling presidential (driving us) BAT(ty) channel!

Trump busy making America… again

Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses, that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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