Mon. May 27th, 2024

by Ken Carman
 CliffNotes for on the hour ‘news…’
 Shooting in Seattle… 30 seconds at best.
Inspection Debate…. 30 seconds at best.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 3-4 minutes, minimum. Probably more.
 To be more accurate I needed to type ‘Felicity’ many more times but those microscopic carps in my tunnels started to protest. One of God’s tiniest miracles he gives to us old folks: itsy bitsy inside our fingers fish.
 Old man jokes aside, there really is very little that qualifies as ‘news media’ these days, thanks to the deregulation of the media so long ago. CNN maybe, occasionally, but Trump hates them so I’d better obey or he and his cultists will start calling me a names. I’m SO scccccccccccccaaaarrreeedddddd!
 Yes, I know we have Bill Clinton to blame for deregulation of the news media, and the media in general. Even he has admitted it was his biggest mistake. I only differ that in a sea of ‘mistakes’ I might quibble with ‘biggest;’ just as I might claim the same with his wife. Still better than Bush, the sequel the public didn’t want. And better than Trump the national tragedy the public really, really didn’t want. Trump’s ‘election’ was like a parody of an old McDonalds sign…

“Almost 3 million more voters will NOT be served.”

  “Almost” only because, like 2000, we were unable to count all the votes, this last time due to all of those folks provably election fraud-ed out of the count. We’ve improved SO much since Republicans tried to Help America NOT Vote.
 Hey, Trump trolls! Don’t bother bringing up ‘illegals’ voting: your go to strawman to distract from what Republicans admit to doing…
 Where are all those pictures of buses in the days of cell phone cameras that prove illegals were voting in large numbers? They don’t exist. Where are all those poll workers testifying that they were forced to let illegals vote? They don’t exist. Claims of massive numbers of illegals voting are little more than the substance that spouts from the south end of a bull with diarrhea headed north.
 Never mind all that. Doesn’t matter. The owners, the boards, of the ‘news’ media want Trump. Trump is good for ratings. Trump: the darling of the corporate oligarchs. You know: like those who own and/or control the MSM? Doesn’t matter what the reporters or the newscasters want. They could be outright commies and it wouldn’t matter. Reporters who displease their editors, program directors who displease THEIR bosses, don’t last long. It all feeds down from the autocrat(s) at the top of the heap. Welcome to autocracy, better known as fascism.
 Which brings us to elections where the autocrats build the machines, decide how they’re programmed, decide if there are even going to be primaries, and of course decide who gets to be president, like the current fellow autocrat wannabe led by the leash by the autocrat of all autocrats. Trump certainly rolls over, begs and performs stupid tricks.
 Meanwhile media oligarchs have been having their MSM punish those who offend for quite a while. When Howard Dean ran he got lots of press, some positive, until he said he wanted to break up the media. Al Gore was supposedly “petulant” when he was miffed by George, Junior’s clueless nature during a debate, but when George was equally miffed in a debate with Kerry the media framed it well.
 By the way, when making such assessments, offer such framing DURING THE NEWS, don’t members of the media disqualify themselves as ‘journalists?’ Whatever happened to being professional? OBJECTIVE? Things are so screwed up I get complaints from idiots who don’t know the difference between a columnist and a journalist. A columnist doesn’t have to be objective. Often just the opposite. And they don’t get it; probably because supposed ‘journalists’ often aren’t either.
 Now, once again, the media clown car has circled around to yet another election. Somehow the clown car keeps missing Harris, Sanders, etc. You can almost hear the clowns chanting, “Biden! Biden! Biden!” Warren is getting a little more press, but always back to, “Biden! Biden! Biden!”
 Why focus so much on Biden? Maybe because they know he will battle Trump with a wet, limp noodle, and he will stammer, stutter and gaff his way all the way to the Trump-ian goalpost?
 Surely all those the media has been mostly ignoring are making SOME newsworthy statements? They’re certainly not just sitting back and letting Biden and marginalized Warren take center stage? I think the obvious plan here is to focus on Biden while pre-sabotaging the General because Biden usually only does well when he stays OUT of the news. His timidity? His rambling? Does anyone sane person think he would stand up well to the rapid fire crazier than a rabid bat hate machine that is Trump? I wouldn’t be surprised if Donnie follows Biden around on stage and pants him. The MSM might “tut, tut” while they roar in delight.
 Side comment: our elections as of late are more a cross between Roman games and a WWE match: a perfect ‘match’ for Trump-isms. Thanks, Karl Rove and Lee Atwater for making framing the stuff of politics rather than discussing issues.
 Makes for great ratings.
 Makes for great press.
 Makes for turning Idiocracy into an all too predictive documentary. I would type “mockumentary,” but not sure yet which one is better at the mocking.
 We keep going this way Trump is damn near re-coronated, especially since the Republicans are determined to do worse than nothing about interference and election fraud.
 The Mueller Report has been replaced by Sharpiegate? Really? He goes on and on about that and the media follows him like dog sniffing dog after a fresh poop?
 This is ‘NEWS’ media?
 Meanwhile when it comes to voter purge tactics reaching way past warp 9, can you hear our media clown car? Of course you can’t.
 The deepest, darkest, most empty place in space makes more noise.

Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses, that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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Ken Carman and Cartenual Productions
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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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