Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

I’ve always has writer friends and some were not “just” beverage writers. Some were newspaper reporters. There were authors and poets and essayists and even guys who wrote greeting cards.

But, for the first time ever, I “met” and befriended a political reporter and investigative journalist – on Facebook, in that virtual way we “meet” people, nowadays – when David Sirota, a Colorado-based writer, analyst, and on-air commentator for CNBC, NPR, and several other channels and contributor to The Huffington Post, The Nation, and The American Prospect, somehow started following me on Twitter. David is a craft beer fan and I guess he read something of mine that he liked. At any rate, back then, he was working as a journalist and routinely rattling the cages of the rich and the nakedly manipulative, so I started reading him. He now operates a vital, unconquerable renegade investigative journalism network called “TMI”, a new, independent project that has already had a major impact on the Democratic campaign of Joe Biden. (To find out more, click here:

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