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By Ken Carman
 When I write my columns sometimes I write out of passion, sometimes logic, and sometimes I have written several potential columns but I keep thinking, “I am writing about what everyone else is writing about. So what am I missing? Is there something important that we aren’t writing about?”
 This is one of the last kind of columns. I am guessing it won’t be popular with many. But it is, I fear, the only way forth from here. And, since I love literary and movie metaphors, we’ll have a few of those too.
 We have those plotting amongst us to turn the nation into a rather brutal one party dictatorship. And it’s not Republican, Liberal, Democratic nor Conservative. For now we could call it the Trump Party, the MAGA Party. Think of them as worse than Harry Potter villains, if you wish. There’s even magic involved, bad, pathetic magic. Worse than the most untalented magicians you’ve ever seen. Magic no one with an atom of common sense is buying anymore.
 But as January 6th showed it has nothing to do with common sense, and it’s definitely NOT fiction. We can’t just walk out of the theater thinking there’s some happy ending, or wait for a sequel to resolve the situation. Waiting is the worst thing we can do. They do, and will, commit murder if it suits the cause. They will do anything to get and keep power; including pipe bombs, putting cops in the hospital… so much for “blue lives matter” …beat cops with flag poles and the flag… so much for respect for the flag. Smearing feces all over the halls of Congress. And just keeling is “offensive?”
 There are many ways we defeated Donald Trump this time. Let’s consider perhaps the most crucial: bases, and how keeping a very diverse base together is important to keep worse than Voldemort villains from destroying the country, and what little freedom we still have. I go there because the win certainly had far less to do with better stances, popular opinions or any solid, firm, agenda.
 Part of the winning base was progressives: those who sincerely loathed Donald Trump; more than they loathed the less than progressive stances previously held by Joe Biden. Those who also understood what a danger another Trump term posed for the country. Then we have the Democratic Party base that Trump tried to marginalize, minimize, even kill. Example: during a time of COVID mail in voting was the better, safest, option. Kill the post office. Kill blacks, more vulnerable to COVID than others and a big, reliable, voter base. And lastly: not to diminish them at all, Republicans, like The Lincoln Project. They recognized Trump for who he is, has always been. Smart enough not to be sucked into the cult. That Trump is NOT a conservative or even Republican. Certainly not in the tradition of Buckley or Goldwater. Not even Reagan. They refused to bow to the dictatorial demand for loyalty, bow to Trump-ian political correctness, goosestep to Marmalade mind’s demands.
 You do know that’s how his hair got that orange, right?
 Jokes aside, in this column I am addressing ALL of this extremely wide base. We have one more mission and EVERYONE is going to have to compromise to get where we need to go.
 The way forth may seem impossible, yet easy, if you think about it. Very long term way forth. We have to rid ourselves of politicians who sympathize and enable Maga, QAnon, Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Boogaloos (What formed after the Disco Desilus disbanded… ha, ha.), 3 Percenters and the various menagerie of fanatical, fascistic,Turner Diary-like militia members, who were the insurrectionists. Don’t even start with me about some magical transformation of the insurrectionists into Antifa or BLM protesters. Harry Potter and his magic wand were nowhere near there. That obvious attempt to gaslight America failed.
 To get rid ourselves of these politicians: peacefully, means we have to keep this odd coalition together for a few elections. More violent means is not only wrong, but creates martyrs. That translates into if a progressive candidate is more likely to win, if a more ethical Conservative is more likely to win, a moral moderate more likely to win, then we need to work together to make any of that happen. I think together we can at least start by agreeing to target the worst of the worst.
 Otherwise we lose our country. We become the one party, cult-like, dictatorship land we were heading towards. Trump was just the start.
 The evidence was right in front of our eyes, filled our ears. Anyone unwilling to hold Trump responsible, insists we MUST move on, must go. Stop saying he didn’t escape justice: HE DID. He escaped being forced NEVER to hold public office again by rule of Congress. That was crucial.
 Being unwilling to back the rule of law means that public servant has to go. And there’s a hell of a lot of them. And they’re getting more fanatical. This is less a major shift right or left than a non-violent purge of those who would enable, who would tolerate, who would make excuses, for an army of brownshirt-like maniacs willing to commit murder, plant pipe bombs, bring Molotov cocktails, try to hunt down Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and execute them, lynch them, hang them.
 This is Mussolini and Hitler level s**t. Whether they called themselves left, right, Republican or Boba Fett. Doesn’t matter what they call themselves. Obviously Trump was all in on whatever: military coup (he demanded and was refused), extortion (he demanded and was refused.) or mob rule via brownshirts. (He asked, he got.)
 We need to make damn sure no future president has the support of multiple Benedict Arnolds raiding the very building that was breached. (To be fair Arnold was no fascist and had a logical reason for going over to the other side, as bad as what he did was.)
 We need to make damn sure that public servants refusing to serve the public: refuse by pay attention to impeachment proceedings, who stay out of the room and have to be called in to vote, are gone. It is their job to be jurors. Any decent judge, in any trial, would dismiss them, or cite them. Yes, Marsha Blackburn I am referring to you too. And, Ms. Greene, you don’t get to be a foam drooling fanatic, then denounce those stances only when they become politically inconvenient.
 There must be a purging, and I don’t mean the brownshirt-like way that occurred on January 6th. I mean 2022, 2024, as long as it takes.

 Legally. How we usually we get rid of bad pols in America.
 We should start now. Billboards, radio and TV ads. Commentary…
Lincoln Project you do it so well.
 I ask no one to abandon principles. I ask us to clear the stage so maybe once again we can have civilized discussions, debates, and not reward those who make up lies like the sudden transformation of the insurrectionists into BLM or Antifa. No more allowing wave of those Draco Malvoy-ian propaganda puking wands to influence America without severe blowback.
 They are the biggest danger America faces. Even more than COVID, for they use that too to eliminate those who stand in their way.
 True traitors in every way.


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses, that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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