Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

   A question for my readers, “Should I give money to The Lincoln Project?
   I know some of you won’t agree with me, and it may seem all “socialist” to some on the right who read this column, but I really feel if anything should be tax supported it’s elections. And I mean elections with run off voting.
   Boil it down to 2 or three candidates and do a final election. Why? Because money is ruining our choices: the worst of the worst are who we vote for. Sometimes there’s a surprise, whether we’re surprised (or horrified) by Biden’s more new found progressive nature… relatively speaking… or surprised by Trump’s poke em’ in the eye, kick em in the jewels, approach. And, yes, The Lincoln Project isn’t shy when it comes to the kick and poke part. But kick and poke is the way it is, and ignoring what IS only gets the worst of the worst.
   I’m all for working to change the system between election years, but seems no one is interested in that. They either want more corruption, or to go back to their daily routine, thinking “problem solved!”
   How’s THAT working out for you?
   The problem is with just a two candidate, money-driven, system, election time we usually choose the least bad candidate: except fanatics who hate and want to destroy the system. They choose the worst of the worst. Organized crime-like anyone not part of the gang eventually dies, and I mean “die” like concentration camps, gulags, gas, firing squad with deep pits, poisoned ala’ Putin… a dish I hear is popular among Putin fans in Russia,
   Regular readers have certainly heard my story, growing up as a Buckley fan, working campaigns and how one campaign started my slide leftward. I have never been a fan of win at all costs, and hate, “Winning is the ONLY thing” back when it started as a sports Idiocracy-like statement. I would counter, if there HAD TO BE one way rule I could support it would be, “Sportsmanship is the only thing.”
   Even as a rightward Republican in the 60’s I thought Young Republicans sabotage approach wrong, immoral and now it has grown beyond deeply disturbed way to “win” elections.
    The Lincoln Project has done so much good, admittedly by being just as poke eye as the other side. Correction: maybe more, only with truth. I’m sure, in a civilized discussion, we would find far more differences than not, but they are doing the work the left seems unable to do: hit Trumpers where hitting hurts the most.
    If you have watched their ads, one which I will include here, The Lincoln Project manages to play on their level, only with intelligence, with little goose-stepping, and it shows. The threats, the nasty phone calls, the outright, mindless nasty seems even more targeted at them than Pelosi and Pence. And these mindless, insurrectionist, thugs wanted to hang those two. The harassment aimed at Lincoln is getting worse in some ways.
   Imagine a country where they achieved their goals. We weren’t far away from that: a few feet in some cases. And the Trumpers who were elected who ran away from the insurrectionists ran back the other direction when politically convenient. I thought this was something Trumpers hated.
   No, they’d rather choke themselves on the “humor” of the distinctly unfunny moment, Trump saying, “They were KISSING the cops,” when they are beating. So much for supporting police. They don’t want to just “defund.” They want the right to murder cops, if it suits their purposes at the time. And this differs from summer protests how? I’ll tell you how: the summer rioters weren’t out to murder cops, plant pipe bombs, and hang their own VP because he wasn’t absolutely obedient. And out to break through to get to Pelosi and Pence. The insurrectionist who tried to break through a door to help facilitate murdering Pence and/or Pelosi? I would have willingly pulled the trigger myself.
   The summer protests and 1/6 don’t even come close to being comparable. I offer a sardonic chuckle when on Facebook defenders compare the two, “Well, how many buildings did they burn?” As if burning a building is worse than outright murder and being traitors.
   Even Benedict Arnold’s ghost is ashamed.
   I really want to help The Lincoln Project. We may disagree, but I see no other way to a civilized time where we can agree to disagree, and compromise if we can.


    “Inspection” is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 50 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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By Ken Carman

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