Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

The Republican Crazy Train: They Believe in Winning Through Whining

By now, we all have probably heard that the Republicans lost all of their statewide elections in Arizona. What many of us may not yet be aware of, is that their candidate for governor, Kari Lake, as well as their candidate for Attorney General, Abraham Hamadeh, along with the RNC, have filed lawsuits contesting their loses. In the case of Hamadeh, the election truly was extremely close; he lost by only 511 votes. However, Lake lost by a substantial margin.
What these people have in common, as well as other sore Republican losers around the nation, is that they are following the post-election loss, spoiled child tantrum protocol established by Donald Trump. Apparently, they believe that they are entitled to win, and in fact, they could not possibly have been outvoted; therefore, if they lost, they must have been victims of election fraud. This makes them perfectly within their rights to act like the spoiled children that they are inside their little minds, throwing tantrums and lawsuits around like trashy Twitter tweets. They believe in winning through whining (RNC, Arizona AG nominee file lawsuit contesting certified results, point to ‘errors and inaccuracies’ | Fox News).
This is what the Republican Party has come to. In Lake’s case, she is insisting – Trump style – that she be installed as the governor of Arizona. In Hamadeh’s case, it seems that he should ask for a recount, rather than filing a lawsuit, but I suppose he is reluctant to do that after the debacle of a recount that pro-Trump stooges undertook in Arizona after the 2020 election, which ultimately showed that Biden had won by more than the original vote count in Arizona.
Following Trump’s bad example should only discredit these already disreputable candidates, but apparently, many Republicans are not getting that message. To be fair, some Republicans who lost their races, did actually concede in the traditional, gracious manner. However, election denialism is a political cancer that is spreading from Donald Trump to many of his minions. These people should have realized by now that Donald Trump is not a psychologically well man. These claims of election fraud, or even of horribly run elections that result in the wrong candidate being declared the winner, are crazy talk.
If there really were evidence of election fraud, or even massive, unintentional mistakes in tabulating votes, I would be the first to say that this should be investigated and cleared up or rectified before certifying a winner of an election. However, that is not what is happening here. What is happening, is sheer power-mad political greed causing losing candidates to act like naughty 3-year-olds who are insist on getting their way. We are a nation of laws, which are meant to be applied equally to everyone. While we are all aware that we fall well short of that ideal, at least we can be thankful that the legal protections against these assaults on democracy, have held so far in preventing any unwarranted election reversals.
It us ultimately up to us voters to reject these whiners who have nothing to offer the public. As long as Republicans continue down this road — of trying to overcome the unpopularity of their policies and their hate-mongering through trying to overturn election results – they will continue to lose more elections than they win, and have less and less political clout. And the people will be better off because of that.

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