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Aug 14, 2009

Written by Joyce Lovelace

The birds are busy this morning.
Wrens and sparrows fill the feeder’s tray.
The cardinal has been relegated to the ground below.
The nuthatch vies for room, while the woodpecker
Clings to the suet cake.
Tweets, twirps and chirps from all directions.
Mother dove sits on the feeder roof keeping watch on
Two young ones on the ground.
Sunlight filtered through pine boughs
Illuminates the seedlings sprung up from dropped seeds.
Morning makes them so happy.
They sing for the new day
A warm sun and a place to fill their tummies.
They sing when the rain slows.
Robins delight in new mown lawns and freshly dug earth.
Hummingbirds buzz amongst each newly blossomed plant,
Squabbing like children on a playground.
One minute pecking at each other the next sitting side by side.
And over the meadow the hawk flies.
Copyright 2009
Joyce Lovelace
all rights reserved

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