Mon. Feb 26th, 2024


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The All-Mighty Webmaster
14 years ago

From every indication, the ObamaScare routine is working.

First, the Blue Dog Democrats Republican-Lights along with their Masters — the insurance companies — purposely stalled the legislation so that there wouldn’t be an actual plan going into the August recess. With no solid plan, there was only speculation, exaggeration, and outright lies to spread around.

Second, the Dems, along with the Obama administration are now in full retreat. The other day, the “End of Life” proposal that Medicare pay for counseling has been taken off the table because of the hue and cries about “Death Panels”.

Now, today, the White House is signaling that they would accept Co-ops over a “Public Option”, which is a case of caving in to the insurance companies and literally giving them MORE power to screw us.

You might be surprised to learn that currently there are only seven insurance companies out there. Seven. These seven “own” other companies that they’ve bought up or acquired over the past few years — and some are even cross-owned by more than one of the seven parent companies. Each of these companies have divided up “territory” in which they operate — to maximize their profits.

The idea that a “co-op” is somehow going to save money is lunacy. Co-0ps by their very nature actually cost more — because you’ve literally added yet another layer of administration on top to skim more money.

We have a Co-op here in the Seattle area. It is VERY expensive, and most people cannot afford it.

Personally, I think the smartest thing the Dems could do right now is to table this health care thing, and go to work on campaign finance, and TERM LIMITS. We need to reform the legislation mess before we start passing any further legislation. Public financing for elections, NO funds from corporations or special interest groups at all. I would even do away with donations from individuals. Give a flat amount of public money to each campaign, free spots on radio and TV (we own those airwaves so the broadcasters can just suck themselves)

Tackle the other stuff AFTER we flush Congress of its current crop of asswipes.

RS Janes
14 years ago

Thanks for that info, DJ. I have read that these health care co-ops, where tried, have been as big a failure as privatized prisons and do nothing for those with no insurance or little money for insurance.

I think if Obama signs any bill that fails to provide a public option he’s toast in 2012, unless the GOP runs the Palinator or Newtie, which they might.

Term limts and campaign finance reform are great ideas that I support, but I think, like universal health care, getting them through this Congress will be impossible. Many politicians of both parties and the corporations like things fine just the way they are. If you thought the fight over health care was brutal, wait until you see what happens if corporations can no longer influence candidates with their campaign contributions.

The All-Mighty Webmaster
14 years ago

RS Janes wrote:

Term limts and campaign finance reform are great ideas that I support, but I think, like universal health care, getting them through this Congress will be impossible.

Not if we target each candidate running with new ones that WILL go for term limits and campaign finance reform.

If there is ONE thing that I find has total agreement across party lines by voters is a STRONG desire for term limits for Congress. People on both sides are tired of the eighteen-term Representative and ten-term Senator crap. They want one maybe two terms at the most and then they go home to stay.

The big argument by those in Congress is that they say there is a huge “learning curve” and that is why they need several terms before they find their footing.

Horse Crap. Right now they need that long because of all the other multi-term congresscritters who have ‘established’ this club that requires initiation and tenure before they are allowed to do anything.

Get rid of the ones who have become part of the furniture there, and then suddenly everyone is on an even footing. No more seniority has privilege routine.

Things become much more streamlined, and it gives a certain urgency not to waste time with the bullshit.

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