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    The lady in the toon above should be Greene, not Coulter.

    So will Trump-tanic make America great?
    Notice how I didn’t add “again?” We have enough skeletons hardly hidden in any closet to use “again.” “Skeletons” people like DeSantis want out of our history books that offend snowflake sensibilities.
    There were times, like WWII, we were greater, though often late to the “great” party, like when we finally joined the fight during that horrific war. Times like when we reluctantly TRIED to abandon slavery as a oligarchical model (at least not expanding it) by fighting ANOTHER horrific war. (Is there any other kind of war than “horrific?”) Aside from these moments there has been a hell of a lot of the opposite of “great.”
    Sorry if that offends any snowflakes, like the governor of Florida.
    I am serious about using part of his slogan, at times expanded with “tanic” because from the beginning hindsight suggested Trump’s administration was doomed to sink. As Rick Wilson wrote, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”
    I don’t mean the MAGA slogan the way Trump means it. He thinks what would “make America great” would be him in permanent power, him as micromanager for the whole nation, him having anyone not loyal punished, Trump as America’s Putin with Proud Boys, Nazis, Oath Keepers and Klan as his Silver Shirt enforcers, like the Brownshirts were Hitler’s. The Trump clan holding perpetual power once he passes via Don Jr, Eric, Jared, Ivanka…
    Instead, for America to be great, or better yet “greater,” the journey must become be long and a progressively deeper, hotter pit in hell for Trump. New York State would be just the start. If convicted, he also must be indicted and convicted for his multiple crimes. RICO must be used, 1/6 and his continued attempts to rally his Proud Boy-like Silver Shirts to “fight like hell” for him should be prosecuted. His attempts to bully public servants in Georgia, Ukraine, (etc) and taking then lying about documents. If he did sell them off, to the Saudis, to Putin, those crimes must be prosecuted too.
    Of course, up to the juries. Unlike the “lock her up” crowd, I believe in due process.
    Another must: if Brownshirt/Proud Boy-like groups act up like the worst on 1/6, they should meet the kind of justice Ashli Babbitt met. The hammer that met the head of Paul Pelosi should be legally, metaphorically, be turned on the worst of the worst MAG-gots.
    Finally, to be truly greater, the Republican Party should at least be severely sanctioned. Instead of getting off Trump-tanic, Republicans plan on impeaching just elected Janet Protasiewicz, Georgia plan to remove Fani Willis. Tennessee remove those who side with student protesters regarding the Covenant shooting.
    Screw the voters!
    No change there: the push to gain one party rule via denying the vote to groups has been a goal for much of Republican leaders for a long time. There’s so much here to be used against them. I have a long list here if anyone wants it.
    The party so bothered by a lack of rule of law when the meaning of “is” had to be redefined as past tense, now demands NO accountability, even after a president has left office.
    How craven and lawless is that?
    The deeper that quicksand is, the more it sucks him downward: including those who enable him, the greater our nation can be.
    After all that: maybe, just maybe, we’re on the way to being “greater.”
    Yes, maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump could serve to make America greater. Using a religious metaphor, we need to “crucify” (legally) America’s Judas and the demons he spawned.
    Will any significant portion of these “make America greater” things happen? I must admit the NYS indictment slightly surprised me, but I’m still the cynic.


    “Inspection” is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 50 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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