Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Russian propagandists’ hopes for America


Dear Friends, from time to time I will use this space to discuss a new book. My essay today serves as a foreword to Julia Davis’s new book on Russian television propagandists, In Their Own Words, which I heartily recommend to you.

Russian propaganda is in the shadow of America. Whereas the America only covers Russia when there is something to cover, and usually not even then, Russian propaganda television starts every night from the premise that whatever has happened that day is America’s doing and America’s fault. This does not reflect reality — or a typical American’s experience of reality.

It does reflect the problem that Russian propaganda is meant to solve. Since Vladimir Putin is the boss of bosses in an oligarchical regime where domestic policy is impossible, the propagandists must direct attention to the world beyond Russia in a way that makes Russia’s leadership seem righteous.


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