Mon. May 20th, 2024

by Marc Perkel — Pass it on!

Liberal bloggers are organizing to stop the Republican’s attempt to rewrite history and blame the deficit on Obama and the Democrats by posting the Bush TARP speech video on their web sites to remind voters that the economy and the debt is the fault of Bush and the Republicans. The idea is to assign blame where blame is due.

When Clinton was president we had a surplus. We were paying down the national debt. Then the Republicans seized power and the surplus quickly became a deficit. They cut taxes for the rich and started two expensive wars. The deregulated the financial markets and allowed the big banks to steal to the point of global economic collapse.

This video of Bush with his hat in his hand begging America to pony up almost a trillion dollars reminds us what really happened. We liberal blogs are trying to organize so that we all post this video and put out the message so that the voters, who are angry, get angry at the right parties. Maybe then the public will have a real choice about whether we are going to stay the course with Obama or go back to irresponsible spending and deregulation as it was when Bush gave this speech.

I urge every blogger to post this video and keep it on top till the election. Who is with me on this?


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