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Winter: 2008-2009

Looking forward to a break from the madness.

What “madness?”

Talk of selling off Social Security: carving it up and fed it to their buddy-contributors in big business. Lying about it “going broke.”

Huge deficit: unpaid for, off the budget, wars. The VP says, however, deficits don’t matter and future “teabaggers” nod their heads in agreement.

Drunker than sailor on leave at a seaport filled with whores off budget spending. They had a surplus when they were appointed.

Corporate execs appointed to positions in government: position that allow them to decide regulations for their own industry?

Waterboarding and electrocuting those simply accused of either knowing something about terrorism. Keeping the accused indefinitely in concentration camps. Turning citizens against each other. Call 1-800-I Hate My Neighbor and accuse him of vaguely having something to do with terrorism. We’ll take care of him. Just ask the vegetable formerly known as Jose Padea. Meanwhile the villain who ordered the attack was allowed to escape: capturing him vended out to warlords, some who were bin Laden’s bosom buddies.

Where was that mythical massive amount of WMD many of our soldiers died for? The President being replaced openly mocked the soldiers he sent there to search for it. Of course, they weren’t there. He let the biggest terrorist escape because it was more important to get revenge. Vend it out with warlords, some who loved his ass. Yeah, that was going to work. Reward for doing a good job? After all 9/11 handed Bush and his cronies more power than any president should have: like gutting habeas corpus.

When a husband of an undercover CIA agent working on terrorism issues pointed out the how a story being told was untrue, the President’s men exposed her and put at risk national security: wasting valuable assets. Translation: letting friends to our nation be murdered for the sake of petty revenge.

Scratch the “national” in “National Guard.” We get attacked and those who were supposed to defend us were sent away?

Of course the media just repeat their lies. There can be little doubt who the mainstream media is rooting for.

Note: that’s was only the very, very short list. So much more. How could there be so much and so little blow back?

Post Election Diary Notes

The election was a bit tough. We had a candidate who’s husband used to be president. We remember: he was DLC-deluxe. So much that went so wrong back then, why go back? A lot of us worried about it going wrong again if she was elected: think she’ll be just like him. Like giving a pass to the crimes of the previous administration, who just happened to be headed by the father of our last leader.

Wow. Seeing that in type makes it all seem so incestuous. Maybe it was? If not incestuous, maybe more of a Groundhog’s Day scenario we need to escape from?

Barack’s right. We need change.

Yes, Bill gave a “pass to the crimes of the previous administration.” They thanked him by impeaching him after they rumbaed into taking over the House in 94, two years after we elected him. Of course, as flawed as he was, the only real “high crimes and misdemeanors” here seem to have been committed by those who were willing to do and say anything to get rid of him. Assassination by means other than bullet, and with the level of violence and unrighteous anger driven by Right Wing pundits, talking heads and the House managers it very well could have been a bullet. From the very start, all beginning with a mythical “scandal” called Whitewater the Clintons lost money on, the anger was pulsating, palpable, pulsating, raw.

Back then we could have traveled around Washington by lifting our feet and the hot air would simply take us there.

Best to move on. After all, back when her husband was president even Socks the Cat was considered a possible traitor to his own country.

Damn cats. I’ve never quite trusted them either. Mine pretend their food dish is empty in hopes I’ll dump out the old stuff and replace it with new. I never do, but they keep trying. They even threaten me with animals they’ve murdered; parading them around the house, like Beck, Palin and their talking head cohorts threaten us and our leaders because we dare to disagree with them. Threaten us with targets on maps and “take them out” rhetoric. To paraphrase a teabagger sign, “If ballots don’t work, next time bullets.”

Since so many were previously happy Bush supporters; silent over one of the main issues: the deficit, maybe they should rethink their stance rather than commit suicide? So messy. So many blood drenched teabags to pick up. So little brain matter.

Time passes past the 2008 election. Health care is kind of, sort of, being addressed, but why does he wait all summer until the Right gathers their forces? Once again, like during the time of Hillary and Bill, we are asked to move on. “Look forward.” Look past missing WMD. Look past the traitors who threw away the lives of assets and the career of an honorable CIA agent. Look beyond torture. Look past the lie, “Saddam never let the inspectors in,” told over and over again by the little boy in a man’s body who had to know it was a lie.

Note: again; only the short list.

And how can we have both the Senate and the House, but little gets done?





Seems all they wanted to do was “diddle around” until the next election.

Mr. Change waits until the last few weeks and meekly come out for our candidates. Like the summer of gathering forces intent on stripping health care you could have seen it coming for a mile, everyone but Mr. Change.

They rumba right back into the House.

Winter: 2010-2011

Will there ever be a break from the madness?

Two years later and, like 94, the old party is back in the saddle again in the House. So nice to hear from old “friends.” The kind that never leave. Kind of like relatives who come to visit and stay, and stay, and stay: going into your fridge and drink up all the jobs, eat up money through cuts; money needed for infrastructure, health care, long term unemployment…

Cuts for programs the Cons love?




That was a joke, right?

Note: back to our “short list…”

Still talk about selling off Social Security. Mr. “Change” is talking about cooperating with them on selling off a program that’s still not in trouble like they claim. What? Who the hell did we vote for?

Iraq, Afghanistan: wars still sucking the economic life out of America.

Corporate execs appointed to positions in government: position that allow them to decide regulations for their own industry?

Huge deficit: for what had been unpaid for, off the budget, wars. Suddenly teabaggers “find religion.” It’s like the previous eight years of off budget wars never happened. Putting them on budget suddenly makes it Obama’s fault. Prediction: as soon as they get a President they like they’ll go to sleep again to the mantra, “Deficits don’t matter.”

What’s happening with all the accused we’re still holding? Have things gotten better? Is no news really good news, or have they just learned to keep it all quiet?

There’s still no massive amount of WMD, except that brought in by those who are taking advantage of getting rid of Saddam. Mr. Fly Planes into Buildings still no where to be seen, except he does do a “commercial” now and then. He’s become an item for the Guinness Book: most visible, funky, used car salesman in history, only the cars are flawed because they’re filled with all that WMD that was supposed to be in Iraq.

No matter how much he compromises, talks to them, tells his own base to put up or shut up, Mr. Change would never be good enough, and the new Republican majority in the House promises to do all they can to get rid of him, get rid of an extremely compromised health care bill. You know, the bill he compromised with them and their friends in business for? National Guard still not so “national.” Promises of investigations. Of course, as flawed as Mr. Change is, the only real “high crimes and misdemeanors” here seem to be committed by those who will do and say anything to get rid of him. Assassination by means other than bullet: a level of violence and unrighteous anger so driven by Right Wing pundits, talking heads, it might eventually be a bullet.

Meanwhile, of we could just channel all the rhetoric coming from the Right, lift up our feet, and we wouldn’t have had to bailout the auto industry, or spend any more encouraging mass transit. Just lift our legs and we’ll be blown anywhere we want to go. Traveling by means of massive gusts of rhetorical hot air. All beginning with a mythical absent birth certificate “scandal:” a birth certificate so easy to find I downloaded to my desktop. The anger they have inspired with their lies has been pulsating, palpable, pulsating, raw.

Of course the media just repeat their lies. There can be little doubt who the mainstream media is rooting for.

We need to get out of this Groundhog’s Day scenario.

We really need change.

Yet the more things “change…”


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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