Fri. Apr 12th, 2024


by Ana Grarian


May was a particularly difficult one for Ana and family. What started as a wonderful month of planting and planning became Medical May. At first it was just dentists appointments for everyone. That doesn’t seem too traumatic but things aren’t what they seem. My grand-daughter is young and dental visits are still scary. Everything went well but she does need some work which means a trip out of town to a pediatric dentist. Ana’s visit went well with no further work needed until the next cleaning in the fall. Mom needs extensive work, and Mom has real fear issues – actually terror – which she was finally managing to overcome enough to get the process started.

Then the complications started……  My son (who also has complex fear issues) needed surgery on a somewhat emergency basis. My daughter developed a severe infection which needed a trip to the ER and several Dr visits. And my granddaughter brought home a cold which turned into bronchitis with an asthmatic attack chaser for her Mom.

Fortunately Ana managed to fight it all off except for the drama – and exhaustion.

Everyone is on the mend. Mom’s dental work had to be postponed until further notice, but the bronchitis, asthma and infection are clearing up well. My son’s surgery was successful with no complications and he is feeling well enough to enjoy his time off from work for recovery. The incredible heat wave we have had has broken and Ana is feeling human again and sleep, being now possible, will cure the exhaustion.

Meanwhile my inbox is full and the list of articles to read and comment on is a long one.

So dear readers – summer is upon us – bringing fresh foods, sunny days and the opportunity to swim and hike and enjoy the outdoors. So get outside and garden. Visit a CSA. Amble through the Farmer’s Market. Get healthy in mind and body. And please – do something about global warming – Ana doesn’t do heat.



By AFarmer

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Ken Carman
12 years ago

May illness seems to have become an annual ritual? At least you’re not stuck in some small apartment with an old guy who can’t stay awake except to run to the bathroom like my cousin was last year. That would really… stink.

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