Sun. May 19th, 2024

Before the low hanging humor fruit opportunity completely fades away…

So Suess He
by Dr. Scribe

Would you like to sue him?
He who flirted on line
For what Weiner did with his wiener
Give him a middle finger sign?

You’ll have more chances
Don’t despair Mein Herr
Breitbart does anything to make a Dem resign
Immoral ReThugs?
He doesn’t care

So where would you like your next Weiner controversy
In a picture
in a tweet?
Scribe thinks even with ketchup it SUCKS
But cannibals might think it sweet

Want it in your pussy?
Of course Scribe means cat
How about Neal Horsley beastly?
Only Righties get away with that
Or a Repub in a gym
With a page?
Shoot another pol with a 12 gauge?
Andrew won’t call out those rats
But made damn sure Anthony’s wife
Would like to boil his %$#@ in a vat.

Or would you like our LAST Weiner
Back in Congress still?
To let that happen
You know talking heads never will

Dems must swallow a vile pill
Now the Weiner’s out of the way
Breitbart is surely searching
For another Weiner story today

Scribe must mention
Breitbart will do anything
Go any vile or phony place
Just to shove some other Dem Weiner in your face

Guilty or innocent
Won’t matter to him
For his job is leftward to cast stones
Even without sin.

Yes, Scribe says with some sorrow
Real, faked or borrowed
There will always be some other Dem wiener

He’d lie, dice, splice
The next Weiner is only a day away!

This edition of Ye Olde Scribe is brought to you by Cheesy Editing Software, preferred by Andrew Breitbart, a Goebbels is GOD Company.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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