What We Must Do Now: Abrams, Georgia & Something Extraordinary

Days ago, I received a call from Stacey Abrams’ lead attorneys. Our investigative team had “gold,” as they put it, for litigating the election: Expert analysis proving 340,134 voters were wrongly purged. Plus, we had, on camera, victims of the purge, including the 92-year-old cousin of Martin Luther King. But I’m a journalist, not a campaign operative. I could only offer my reports and my affidavit filed in federal court in Common Cause v. Brian Kemp. With Stacey Abrams no longer in the race for Governor, we are now free to open our files to her new voting rights group, Fair Fight Georgia.

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Trump Refuses to Pardon White House Turkey After Accusing It of Working for Soros

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a startling break with Thanksgiving tradition, Donald J. Trump refused to pardon the White House turkey after claiming that it was working as a secret operative of the billionaire George Soros.

A group of fourth graders from Bethesda, Maryland, who had gathered on the White House lawn for the annual turkey-pardoning ceremony appeared unprepared for the anti-Soros outburst that Trump unleashed on the Thanksgiving bird.

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Republicans in Florida Are Running Every Play From Their 2000 Recount Playbook

The people covering these recounts shouldn’t fall for the same tricks.


efore we get to Florida, as we inevitably must, because democracy, the two most important races currently in extra innings outside of the Dingbat State are taking place in Arizona and Georgia.

In Arizona, where the votes are still being counted, Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs has retaken the lead over Republican Steve Gaynor for secretary of state. The AP called this race for Gaynor on election night, but as the votes continued to roll in, Hobbs gradually ate up his 44,000-vote lead until, now, she leads him by a few hundred. Gaynor, it should be noted, is a voter-suppressing hardbar who thinks all ballots should be printed only in English. (This is in plain violation of what’s left of the Voting Rights Act.) (Moreover, he said it in front of a fringe right-wing “Patriot” gathering.)

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Inspection- Count the Votes

 With so many different voting systems…
 With so many different secretary of states, governors, appointees responsible for the integrity of the vote Inspectionwho are too often beyond irresponsible…
 All this, and more, make presidential elections a mess, though if you have control of enough states and can implement election fraud tactics the popular vote may be lost, but not the College.
 Otherwise counting every vote is hard. So many fires to fight with those who don’t want some people to vote, don’t want every vote counted. If the midterm taught us anything; on a state by state basis, corruption is still a problem but fighting to get every vote counted has more of a chance.
 Not that it’s “easy.” Those who know if every vote is counted their side will lose will do all they can to get in the way, including demanding machines be confiscated, refuse to step down when they are in charge of election integrity when they’ve proven they’re actually there to skew the system their way anyway possible.
 I previously wrote that 2018 was no big blue wave, just a substantial ripple. One of those times I love being wrong. My only defense is that was with the vote as it stood just post election night. OK, yes, it was a wave. I still resist “big,” but we shall see, hopefully. More than “hopefully:” WE HAVE TO. Read more

Trump Hacks Through Thick Central American Jungle In Search Of Entirely New Ethnic Group To Demonize

TALAMANCAN MONTANE FORESTS, COSTA RICA—Venturing deep into rainforest no outsider has dared explore, President Trump slashed through the thick vines of a Central American jungle Monday in search of a previously unknown ethnic group to vilify.

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