Inspection- Easter: 2017

by Ken Carman

 Each year we relive the story of old, translated in various ways by believers and all the denominations to mean what is convenient, inconvenient, and sometimes odd, like some of the Gnostics who believed the real InspectionJesus separated himself from the crucified one and was above the cross, laughing.
 Odd translations and odd takes on his ministry probably go back to the moments after he died. They’ve made movies where the ministry was clown-like; a hippie’s take on it all in some ways. (In Godspell John the Baptist, after being beheaded, seems to become Judas, then rejoins the disciples after the betrayal.) Then we have Mel Gibson’s take. Mel seemed to delight in the torment as if that was the main message. In Ruling Class one could argue: metaphorically, a delightfully mad Jesus finally ‘cured’ becomes Jack the Ripper. Another movie moment has Jesus getting married and living out a lifetime with Mary Magdalene: a final vision before blood loss did what blood loss does.
 But I’d like to offer a wider perspective this Easter time. Read more

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