What is Hate Speech?

I have been asked what hate speech is. It is not exactly hard to detect.

Hate speech defames, belittles, or dehumanizes a class of people on the basis of certain inherent properties — typically race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

Hate speech attributes to that class of people certain highly negative qualities taken to be inherent in members of the class. Typical examples are immorality, intellectual inferiority, criminality, lack of patriotism, laziness, untrustworthiness, greed, and attempts or threats to dominate their “natural superiors.”

The method of defamation typically includes:

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Inspection- What Dreams May Connect

 A break from politics and social issues. Couldn’t you use a break?

by Ken Carman

 I was standing in front of the recruiter as he said…

  “Your recruitment is all done, everything in order, except we have this matter of the incident with the police. All three of the Damian brothers were arrested…”
Inspection ”But I wasn’t arrested. Look, LeQuay was my friend at the time. He saw me outside my apartment and asked me to come along with them: they were going to confront his former landlord. How was I to know he’d go nuts, start screaming and throwing things?”
 ”Yes, I can see that.”
 ”So I’m not being accepted?”
 ”No… welcome to the Air Force!”

 He shook my hand and I limped out the door of the recruitment office wondering what I was doing going into the Air Force when I could hardly walk. Read more

Just How Strong Is Hurricane Irma?

On Wednesday, September 6, the colossal category 5 Hurricane Irma amped up its already stunning winds to 185 miles per hour—the second fastest ever recorded for a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. We are all fascinated with brutal extremes, it seems. So, below are the records set by the most impressive North Atlantic hurricanes, since meteorologists began to name them more than half a century ago—as well as for storms in the Pacific Ocean, which actually rank number one in many of the categories.

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Inspection- The Dean of Talk

by Ken Carman

 While there are those who know far more, it’s not like I know nothing about radio…
 My Liberal Arts/Communications/Mass Media degree, when it comes to experience, has more of a radio focus than anything but newspaper Inspectionbecause I knew I’d never have the figure for TV, but certainly had the voice. In the 70s I was in sales, briefly. By the 80s I was on the commercial radio, and in programming. But I actually started doing radio in college: 73. My persona as a DJ at the time was being Howard Stern before Howard. I too would have ladies in the control room to talk sex, perversely mock certain students and push administration’s patience with beyond edgy sex jokes. Read more

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