Donald Trump and the Politically Weaponized Executive Branch

here is no reason to doubt that in seeking reelection, President Trump will consider once more breaking or skirting laws or ethical limits to win. He has already proclaimed a willingness to accept campaign support from a foreign government, retreating only somewhat under public pressure. He rejected an official recommendation that senior aide Kellyanne Conway be dismissed for serial violations of the legal limits on political activity by federal government employees under the Hatch Act. He has repeatedly suggested that the Department of Justice prosecute his political opponents. And to read about the way Trump conducted his business affairs is to appreciate that he will likely run his campaign no differently—with a “whatever it takes” mentality, disdainful of legal and moral constraints.

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Inspection- Getting that ‘Good’ Ole Iraq War Feeling Again

Powell’s could be anything ‘proof.’

by Ken Carman

 …only change the last letter to an ‘n.’
Inspection It’s all so familiar: bad pictures, claims insisted on as proven fact, the rush to do whatever. Why should we trust them? I don’t. Do you?
 The big noise started with the bomb and, despite claims, they have not been proven Iran did it. What happened here is a good question, but I’d have to see a lot more to believe a damn thing they say. Please, no bad drawings, no more claims as to what something is that could be anything. It has to visually be obvious.
 As far as the drone goes, uh, it’s a machine. Starting a war that will get many people dead over a drone is beyond completely asinine. Though I suppose maybe I’m not being considerate enough of its feelings, its wife Debbie Drone and all the baby drones. After all, he had so many mechanical mouths to feed. Maybe the administration would like to go all Next Gen/Star Trek on it and, like Data, retroactively declare drones people too? Hey, the corporation that built them is a ‘people’ according to the court, so why not a drone? Read more

Inspection- Republicats


by Ken Carman

 Millie and I have two cats: Hodge Podge and Willow. The names refer to their different coats: Hodge a mish mash, Willow brackish blackish fur. I had told Millie that a cat who had just adopted us needed to be fixed just before I went on tour years ago and, well, the ‘alarm’ went off on the “too late” clock too soon.
 We wanted to keep one and take the rest to the Humane Society’s shelter. So I introduced myself to all of them and noticed one that looked a tad like willow woodwork: black mixed with soft shaded of another color, like ghostly shades of yellow and white hiding deep behind the black, adding beauty to otherwise less remarkable obsidian fur. I picked her up and immediately another kitten tried to swat me, nuzzle me… anything to make me pick her up instead.
 We kept both. But because they were so different; from birth, they have kept me wondering: are some bullies born that way? And does this tell you anything about the current occupant of the White House? What does it tell us about Republican politics these days? Read more

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