Bone Deep

Today I am bone tired. I didn’t get a quick start yesterday, and I didn’t make progress on the project I intended too, but I did get a lot done. Mostly the kinds of projects you can just plod along at. I hauled brush out of the yard where I cut out bushes that had invaded what was sold to me as a berry patch. I left the blackcaps and a grapevine. The vine has grapes on it, so I am waiting to see if they are edible or wild. Wild grapes can be edible, but if these are not tasty I will start over with purchased vines. In the space I cleared out I will get more berry varieties to fill in. Read more

Inspection- Thoughtlessness

As with all my columns, yes: I will get to how this applies to society, politics….

by Ken Carman

  I was in Cincinnati, just having worked with after schoolers and then left to head north. My annual 4th of July gig was waiting for me. I was frustrated because it took 4 hours to go 5 miles, the loop around Cinci being messed up royally. My trailer and I had been shoved off into narrow road nowhere-land along with thousands of other pissed off drivers. Perhaps I had more of a reason to be frustrated. I was towing a medium size flat bed with a scooter, generator, beer for beer tasting at my annual Beaver River Beer Tasting and… well just say I had, well, a hell of a lot of stuff. The trailer probably almost 1½ the length of the Honda Element.
  I stopped at a Speedway to get coffee: one right on a busy intersection. When I went to leave I decide to pull left and find a turn around so I wouldn’t have to pull right into a busy intersection. Young kid pulls to the left of me, blocks my vision, and revs his engine, car rocking back and forth. I can’t pull left because I can’t see and I certainly can’t drive over him.
  So I said, “what the hell,” and decided to turn into the intersection like him. I looked up: light’s green. I step on the gas to go and he takes off passing a few inches in front of my hood: a quick stomp on my brakes prevent what was almost unavoidable. He stops in front of me as if waiting to get hit, then takes off. Traffic coming up fast but enough time to pull out, so I step on the gas again and… Read more

Rain Rain

Gardener PigRain rain go away

I want to go out to the garden and play!

It’s raining – drat. This is my full day off from work and I want to be outside playing in the dirt. It doesn’t help that it rained on Sunday too and Monday was too wet to do much. I stayed out in the rain as long as I could hauling mulch to my gardens. Unfortunately mulching also includes weeding and eventually I was so muddy that I couldn’t hold onto the trowel or shovel handle.
I could work in my shed, but the work I can do there right now is outside and involves moving dirt. I don’t think it would be prudent to run several hundred feet of extension cord through wet grass in order to use the power equipment for cutting supports and beams. Perhaps I should go to the lumber yard and scope out tools and supplies. Maybe buy a good handsaw. Read more

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