HEY, DONALD, HERE’S ALL THOSE PEOPLE CHEERING ON 9/11 IN JERSEY! Oh, no, these Twerps are Cheering on the Colorado PP Shooter

Twitter / The Denver PostAs you might be aware, this afternoon and early evening there was an active shooter in and around the area of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. The shooting left eleven people injured and three dead, with at least one of the deceased being a police officer.

While the shooter’s motive is not known, many people have assumed it is a radical political statement against the mission of Planned Parenthood. And it’s not just liberals who think that, some special radical Christian conservatives agree, but they, on the other hand, are applauding (or excusing) the shooter.



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Evangelist Calls On Christians To Assassinate Abortion Providers

YouTube Preview Image

Popular Facebook evangelist Joshua Feuerstein calls on Christians to “punish Planned Parenthood” and make abortion providers fear for their life.

The obnoxious but popular Christian evangelist Joshua Feuerstein published the following video to his Facebook page on July 29:

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A Budget Brewery Built From Shipping Containers

Starbucks has done it. Taco Bell has done it. And now it’s the microbrewery’s turn. The 40ft Brewery in Dalston, London, opened earlier this year. Its name comes from the fact that it was constructed out of two, 20-foot-long shipping containers that sit atop an old car park.

“The spot has a very short rolling lease from the council due to being part of a greater redevelopment plan for the area,” co-founder Andreas Pettersson says. “So by using shipping containers, we can turn this derelict place into a place to brew and serve great beer. If or when we need to move we can pick up our brewery to a new plot of land, we own the brewery and the containers.”

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Almost December

TurkeyNov2015Thanksgiving is over. All the turkey and trimmings have been consumed. The good dishes and silver are washed and put away. The cake stand sits forlornly empty next to the sink, waiting to be washed. All the excitement for a relaxing four day weekend is gone, and so are the lovely 60+ degree days we’ve enjoyed all week.

The beagles and I went out into a still, frosty, moonlit 20 degree morning. Read more

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