Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War

Far-right extremists are showing up, with guns, to the protests against police brutality that have exploded across the country.

Others are egging on the violence from behind their computers, urging followers to carry out acts of violence against black protesters with the goal of sparking a “race war.”

Their presence makes an uneasy addition to the escalating unrest, which was triggered by the death of George Floyd, a black man who was choked to death by a white Minneapolis police officer earlier this week.

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A White Man From Illinois Allegedly Brought Bombs to Start a Riot at the Minneapolis George Floyd Protest

As with some of the others, like the guy arrested in Nashville for setting the courthouse on fire, his Facebook page is filled with obscenities, his bodies covered in tats that look Proud Boy/Boogaloo-related -OEN

A white man from Illinois is facing federal charges after he allegedly traveled to Minneapolis with bombs, encouraged protesters to throw them at law enforcement, and looted businesses — all with the goal of “starting a riot.”

Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, of Galesburg, Illinois, was taken into custody on Monday, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. He’s been charged with civil disorder, possession of unregistered explosives, and participating in and organizing riots. He’s the first person to face federal charges in connection to the fiery protests that have roiled Minneapolis since George Floyd, a black man, died after a white police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes.

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