Inspection- Lady Justice is a Lady of the Night

Marissa Alexanger

 The Epstein case is so typical of our injustice system…

by Ken Carman

 I almost chose a few more volatile words (starting with “p” and “s”) but it’s really not her fault. Baby Justice was born to a new nation already compromised: some residents were, at best, 3/5ths citizens, but citizens only to enable their master’s efforts to oppress them. Other residents were mostly destined to be outright exterminated. While some of us came in wanting to be good neighbors (a precious few), most of us came in as “this land is now OUR land” conquerors.
 Take that, Woody Guthrie.
 From the very start Lady Justice was pimped out: forced to spend her time on the corner in black lace, red shorts, heavy lipstick and mile high makeup. She was there to service the rich, the Brits, and when they were gone, non-slaves, non-natives, slave owners, the new gentry. After that more just the rich, the influential. Oh, attempts were made to dress her like some willing Barbie doll: give her an image upgraded from black lace, shorts… but we’ve never had that much success with that. We still drag her by the hair out to the corner of 42nd and force her to sell herself for the benefit of the powers that be.
 Jeffery Epstein, Donald Trump, Alex Acosta, Bill Clinton, OJ… the list is long and I would push back on the last two a little, only in that attempts to get them were more successful and sometimes stupidly relentless: especially OJ. Seems double jeopardy isn’t double jeopardy as long as we re-label the attempt “civil.” As much as I believe some people probably deserve it (OJ), I have always felt the legal system in this nation should be overseen to the point that once the basic point behind litigation has been directed to criminal or civil that should be it. That’s not fair in all cases, but it’s more fair than having to live a life being hunted by whatever means. The justice system can be relentless, especially when the target isn’t influential, rich, well connected… or belonging to some unofficial inferior class. Read more

Failure to Impeach Trump Is a Way to Reaffirm Him

Written by William Boardman, Reader Supported News

ould the American people re-elect a president caught in the midst of a multi-faceted impeachment inquiry? One never knows.

Or would the American people be more likely to re-elect a president free from any impeachment inquiry?

With no commanding presidential candidate likely to emerge till well after the Iowa caucus on February 3, 2020, the center of Democratic Power is now in the House of Representatives, largely in the hands of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is so determined to give Trump a pass on impeachment that Trump’s lawyers cite her position in their court briefs. That seems like a pretty bad place for a supposed opposition party to find itself.

Pelosi and other Democratic Party leaders have indicated a willingness to pursue impeachment if “the people want it.” Then the same leaders do little or nothing to encourage the people to want it. That is the opposite of leadership. That is also a failure to understand how the impeachment of Richard Nixon became supportable through the conscientious evidence-gathering that persuaded the public that Nixon had committed impeachable offenses. Read more

Stupidly divisive

This goes for a lot of things that will be claimed about Bernie, Warren, any of them. Some claims are just meant to be stupidly divisive. Like birtherism, this one is also just stupid.

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