Trump Just Picked Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz for His Senate Trial — and It’s Already Humiliating for Them All

President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team will include Kenn Starr and Alan Dershowitz, multiple outlets confirmed on Friday.

On a surface level, the picks make reasonable sense. Dershowitz is known for being a Democratic-leaning and notable constitutional scholar, who has become a repeat defender of Trump since his election. Starr was the prosecutor who brought the impeachment case against President Bill Clinton, so he knows the terrain well.

But on any further inspection, the reasoning behind the choices falls apart. And as news of their selection spread on Friday, several developments and arguments emerged that reveal the poor optics of Trump using Dershowitz and Starr as his defenders.

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Inspection- Election 2020: a Warning

 Or, “Suspicion IS warranted.” Not saying this will absolutely happen, just seems beyond likely to me. I am saying checking into it makes sense then doing what you think you might have to do.

by Ken Carman

 Real ID was a 2005 law, but there has been a lot of talk about it in some states, especially red ones. Could be innocent. I suspect NOT.
Inspection I must admit there is a slight edge of paranoia and suspicion to my personality. I have always been able to either dismiss most of the vile fungus that sprouts from that trait. Mostly I just keep it down to a lingering, conscience tingling, state of, “Well MAYBE…” Because, unfortunately, it has served me all too well so many times. When I just ignore it is usually when worse happens.
 I find this one an all brainer. I resisted using “no brainer” because Democrats not using their brains; or at not least acting on the obvious, is why we keep getting caught up in election fraud tactics.
  Good rule: if they can get away with eliminating voters who tend not to vote their way the right will seek out and implement multiple ways to do it in any state they dominate all across the country. Most of it based on the hordes of illegal voters voting conspiracy theory they have no proof of. This year we need to make sure we brainstorm what new tactics they will use. This is my first offering. Read more

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