Inspection- Feeding the Monster: A Short Cautionary Tale

By Ken Carman

By Ken Carman

 Here’s a short, short story I have written, and rewritten, many times. After all who died in our wars this reminds us there are other ways to lose what they felt they were fighting for. So, somehow, I imagine this story well suited to present to you, my readers, this Memorial Day…

Feeding the Monster
by Ken Carman

  Once there was a land where a tale was told of a monster who stole away freedom, ate it up like other fables told of creatures who ate children, trolls who lived under bridges who did unspeakable things to those who dared to pass over those bridges. One might argue “the monster who stole away freedom” was the lead monster: he who helped all the others commit their horrible acts. Read more

Flashes of Red, Gold and Green

RhodieAcross the way, the sun peeks orange over the hills, and just outside my window a single flash of magenta on the rhododendron. It is cold here this morning. Colder now at 7 than it was at 5, when I got up. One of the advantages of a wood stove is the joy of cutting the morning damp with a small fire.


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28 Reasons I’m DONE Talking To Most Of My Conservative Friends And Family Members



1. You support revisionist history.

When I was in a high school history class, I’ll never forget one thing our teacher taught us: what you read in history books isn’t always accurate. The example she used was history books in the Soviet Union, now known as Russia. She informed us, to my shock and horror, that the Soviets pretty much included what they liked in the history books and left out everything else. As a result, she said, there were generations of Russian students who were misinformed.

Oh we were dismayed, my classmates and I! Those poor little Russian kids who were being taught false history. But wait….you guys on the right are trying to do the same thing right here in the Good Old U.S.A.

Last year, I wrote an article about Texas’ plan to revise history and include Moses as a Founding Father. When I shared the article with an educated Texas adult and asked “is this OK with you,” his response was:

“Why teach our children at length regarding the horrors of slavery as we have eliminated that curse from our society? We don’t deny it occurred here or anywhere else in the world, but, why dwell on a segment of our past that has been corrected? I don’t think it is appropriate to drag our dirty laundry through our history lessons at length.”

Because it’s HISTORY. You don’t get to just rewrite history books if it’s unpleasant. What are you thinking? Shall we rewrite the Revolutionary War? “A minor disagreement with Great Britain.” How about the bombing of Pearl Harbor? “A spat with the Japanese.”

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Inspection- No, the World is NOT “Safer Without Saddam Hussein”

By Ken Carman

By Ken Carman

  We should well remember how freedom would supposedly “ring” if we took down Saddam. How, if we didn’t, we’d have a mushroom cloud. The future leader of Israel even claimed taking out Saddam would do amazing, wonderful, miraculous things for the Mideast.
  And still we listen to such “wisdom?”
  Obviously Saddam and “freedom” were not even close to synonyms. I would type “antonyms,” except it’s becoming increasingly obvious what will replace what replaced him will be the real “antonym.” And what the previous administration set up might have been marginally better than Saddam, but possibly less competent than the results of Vietnamization.
  It shouldn’t even have to be typed out on my keyboard that damn near no one liked Saddam, or that it’s obvious he was, for years, considered by Republican, and Democratic, leaders of this country to be, “An a-hole, but OUR a-hole.”
  “Hey, let’s sell him poison gas and shake his hand, there’s a ‘good’ idea!” Read more

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