Betrayals R Us: An Abbreviated History

“The white man made many promises to us, but they kept only one. They promised to take our land, and they did.” Those were the words of Red Cloud, chief of the Oglala Lakota, a tribe known as the Sioux to the neighboring Absaroka, or Crow, who scouted for the white men against their ancestral enemies. The word “Sioux” is a corruption of the Crow word Nadissieux (or something close to that) which meant “cutthroat” in their language. Early French fur trappers mangled what they had heard the Crows call the Lakota, so Custer wound up being killed in dozens of movies by the Sioux. In their own language, however, they were the Lakota, with several distinct sub tribes that included San Arcs, Brule, Teton, Hunkpapa (Sitting Bull’s bunch) and the Santee. Lakota, in their own language, simply meant “friend.” North and South Dakota once was their place, Dakota being yet another failure of communication between cultures. Had the white men heard it right, we’d be talking about North and South Lakota, two states not now known as particularly friendly.

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Nation Shocked That Giuliani Has Associates

The Borowitz Report
)—After learning that two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates had been charged with federal campaign-finance crimes, millions of Americans expressed their stunned disbelief that Giuliani had associates.

“By ‘associates,’ do they mean people who actually associate with Giuliani?” Carol Foyler, who lives in St. Louis, said. “This whole story doesn’t add up.”

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Inspection- I Know Trump Well

Getting rid of Trump won’t be as easy as say removing that shovel. Not only because of court packing and those willing to do violence in his name, but there has always been a certain amount of Trump mindset in America. And some of that is in the business community.


by Ken Carman

 As a kid I lived near NYC and was in and out of the city because my father worked on Park. Back then I heard more about Fred, very little about Donald. Nothing good. After I moved away I heard stories about Donnie from old friends, both in the city and barely outside. But I mostly knew him as a guy who did cameos: bad ones. Honestly. The guy can’t act. He can lie, but he can’t act. Hell, he doesn’t even lie well. I tend to believe what a judge said about him: he doesn’t know truth from fiction. He just says whatever is convenient at the moment.
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