Inspection- And the Groundhog Cries, “Yo, Semite!”

By Ken Carman

 Still Groundhog’s Day?
 It was like a cry from an infamous detective, The Hebrew Hammer, if he had the lead role in Passover Pirates, “Yo, Semites!” If Adam Goldberg had said it it might be more fun and funny. Instead the distinctly UN-funny Donald delivered the botched line.
Inspection Wait, I thought it was only “sleepy Joe,” who had these moments?
 For those unfamiliar Hammer was a hilarious parody with the plot of stealing Hanukkah, Chanukah Hanukah, Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-on-ehkkkkuhhhh… HOWEVER YOU WANT TO SPELL IT, or pronounce it. With extra spittle added to celebrate COVID season. The second wave, featuring more Donnie, surely could be the opposite of funny.
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Man fires at officers with AK-47 a day after refusing to wear a mask, police say

A man in Pennsylvania opened fire last week on a Bethlehem cigar store employee after refusing to wear a mask inside the store, police said.

The next day, police said, he shot at officers with an AK-47 during a traffic stop near his home.

A man identified by police as Adam Zaborowski, 35, of Slatington, entered Cigars International in Bethlehem Township, about 70 miles north of Philadelphia, at 11:23 a.m. Friday, police said. He was not wearing a face covering as the store requires and the governor has mandated, according to Bethlehem police.

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