Inspection- Common Ground: Fundamentalists and Trump

 I hear it all the time: one of THE questions when it comes to Donald Trump, “How can Christians support him?” Well, if you’re asking about mainstream Christians like Methodists, Congregationalists, northern Baptists and other moderate to Inspectionliberal branches of a tree one could call called “Christian:” good question. I suspect “not many” applies. But once we get into fundamentalists; especially the most extreme, the answer is easy. Trump is their Constantine.
 Constantine was responsible for handing the Roman Empire over to those who were once considered just a heretical movement within Judaism, and were viewed as a threat to Roman rule because they preached a message Romans authorities thought meant a violent overthrow of the Empire. It was a serious misreading of his ministry and the movement called Christianity. The conversion to Christianity of the Empire was enabled by Edict of Milan which declared tolerance as the new policy. Constantine helped with that. But Constantine really deserves almost all the credit for the “handing over.” Yet for most of his life Constantine was no devoted follower of Jesus. Constantine was a pagan. Eventually he did ‘study,’ somewhat like an apprentice, the faith as what they called a “catechumen.” Constantine converted on his death bed.
 So I understand my analogy here isn’t going to be perfect. No analogy ever is. Read more

Study: Most Innocent People Need to Hire Thirty-Five Lawyers at Some Point

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Most people who are innocent of any crimes will still need to hire thirty-five lawyers at some point, a new study shows.

According to the study, commissioned by the University of Minnesota Law School, thirty-five is the “bare minimum” number of lawyers that an innocent person should have on retainer in the event that he or she becomes the subject of an entirely unjustified criminal investigation.

“We found that many innocent people are going through life without taking the basic precaution of hiring thirty-five lawyers,” Professor Davis Logsdon, who supervised the study, said. “They are flirting with disaster.”

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