Mueller Rents Giant Warehouse to Store Evidence Against Trump

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Robert Mueller is renting a massive warehouse facility in suburban Virginia to accommodate the approximately forty cubic tons of evidence against Donald Trump that the independent counsel’s investigation is generating on a daily basis.
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Charlottesville: Victim of Neo-Nazi Beating Charged With Assault — No Kidding!

DeAndre Harris, semi-conscious and bleeding.
‘We can’t make this up: African-American school teacher DeAndre Harris, victim of a beating by neo-Nazis in Charlottesville in August, has been — ready for this? — charged with assaulting the white supremacists who beat him with boards, iron rods, and brass knuckles.

That is correct. Harris, in photos released by Truthout and carried worldwide, was shown being beaten close to death — has now been charged with the same crime as his attackers: “unlawful wounding”.

Several of Harris’ attackers remain on the run — and local and federal officials show little interest in going after them. Yet, a Charlottesville magistrate issued a warrant to arrest Harris yesterday, October 9.

Harris is accused of taking a swing at a neo-Nazi who tried to stab a friend of Harris’ with the staff of a flag pole holding a Confederate flag.


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Inspection- Well, Well, Well… REGULATED


by Ken Carman

  All I could think of while writing this was the song covered by Peter, Paul and Mary, written by Gibson and Camp Well, Well, Well

 Well, well, well
  Who’s that a callin
  Well, well, well
 Hold my hand.
 Well, well, well,
  Night is a fallin
  Spirit is a movin all over this land

 With people mowed down by bullets on a regular basis, two leaders goading each other into war and more; one wonders what dark “spirit” is “movin all over this land.” Read more

Donald Trump’s Passion for Cruelty

Henry Giroux's picture

Donald Trump seems addicted to violence.

It shapes his language, politics and policies.

He revels in a public discourse that threatens, humiliates and bullies.

He has used language as a weapon to humiliate women, a reporter with a disability, Pope Francis and any political opponent who criticizes him. He has publicly humiliated members of his own cabinet and party, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions and a terminally ill John McCain, not to mention the insults and lies he perpetrated against former FBI Director James Comey after firing him.

Trump has humiliated world leaders with insulting and belittling language. He not only insulted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with the war-like moniker “Rocket Man,” he appeared before the United Nations and blithely threatened to address the nuclear standoff with North Korea by wiping out its 25 million inhabit

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Inspection- How to Punch a Nazi

by Ken Carman

 You could simply react to their nasty nature, their threats, their snarky nature by giving them a sucker punch to the gut. How about a quick one to the kidneys wearing brass knuckles to the nastier, more threatening, ones? Maybe the dull side of an ax and quick Inspectionwhack of the sharp edge to the most sensitive region when one’s about to be assaulted? When one’s life is threatened how about Kathy Griffin-ing them while punching their detaching head over and over?
 I absolutely do not recommend any of these. Don’t do any of them. They are beyond BAD ideas. The Kathy Griffin option is downright evil, and anyone who thinks what she did was “funny” has a broken, twisted, severely defective, very unfunny, funny “bone.” The high road is… generally… better. But they are my way of bringing up several unanswered questions and important observations… Read more

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