Here Are the Threats Terrorizing Election Workers

Incendiary rhetoric by President Trump and his followers is fueling a wave of threats against election workers. Some have received death threats and images of nooses and been told “You’re a traitor.”

“It’s just wrong,” the official, Gabriel Sterling, a Republican, said at a news conference. “I can’t begin to explain the level of anger I have over this.”

But the technician in Georgia is not alone. Far from it.

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A Lawsuit in Georgia Claims that Nearly 200,000 Registered Voters were Improperly Purged

Written by Eileen Sullivan/New York Times, article provided by Greg Palast

Voter advocacy groups in Georgia filed a lawsuit on Wednesday asking a federal court to compel the state to restore nearly 200,000 names to its voter registration list ahead of the January runoff races for the state’s two Senate seats that will determine the balance of power in Washington.

In the suit, filed in the northern district of Georgia, three voter advocacy groups said the state had improperly removed 198,000 people from its voter registration lists in 2019 on the grounds that they had changed their addresses.

The Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union released a report in September based on an investigation by a progressive independent journalist, Greg Palast, who found that of most of the approximately 300,000 people removed had not changed their addresses. Since the investigation was completed, several thousand voters have died or moved, but more than 195,000 remained wrongly affected, the suit says.

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Eileen Sullivan

Eileen Sullivan is the New York Times’ Washington morning breaking news correspondent, where she covers news from the White House and Capitol Hill.

She is a veteran wire service reporter and worked for a decade at The Associated Press, where she covered homeland security, counterterrorism and law enforcement. She and three A.P. colleagues won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting in 2012 for their work revealing the New York Police Department’s Muslim spying programs. A graduate of Villanova University, she lives in Washington with her family.


A Confederacy of Brats: The Great American Tantrum

Written by Steve Body


Written by Steve Body

I recently wrote another post here explaining what I have become convinced is behind the stunning wave of irrationality and virtual insanity of that portion of American society loosely affiliated with Donald Trump, radical conservatism, and de facto white supremacist resurgence.

In a nutshell, I traced the roots of the mass break with reality back to several successive generations of children raised without the traditional message that Life Is Not Fair and that no one is entitled to anything out of daily life in the USA. They have come to their majorities – many of then over 50, by now – with the idea that whatever they believe is true just because they say it is, whether it is based on any sort of facts or logic or simply made up to refute facts that find objectionable or inconvenient. They feel entitled to have America Their Way, and the rest of us be damned. Read more

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