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As of now the recount has been stopped by a judge who says Stein hasn’t a chance of winning. True, but that shouldn’t be the point. In fact Stein’s recount misses many points that need to be addressed, and “solutions;” like Help America Vote, have only made it worse, added more ways how the vote can be corrupted. After I wrote this I heard about one senator has suggested doing what I am about to recommend, but only regarding Russian hacking. That’s a mistake, and will solve nothing, for the most part because it only addresses one partisan issue with voting and will be seen as such. We need to do far more than this. Far more.

by Ken Carman

 So now, once again, we start to return to our impenetrable fortresses after all sides have made all kinds of claims, accusations and provided little to no proof. The Inspectionmedia’s not going to help. They’re either too afraid to do their jobs, or too invested in supporting one side or another. So, once again, despite both sides having problems with how we vote, there’s a big push to ignore all that and move on. Of course moving on is always temporary. The bitching train will arrive again in 2018, then 2020… each time it may just run over us again. But, meanwhile, eventually the topic of integrity of the vote will be dropped like a stone left in an oven for many days. We won’t talk about it, or do much about it. Read more

Florida lawyer files for statewide recount in presidential race

Clint Curtis has been an advocate for fair elections, and a skeptic regarding electronic voting, for many years. He also is an ex-computer programmer who says the Republican party specifically ordered a program that could flip votes in electronic voting machines.

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An Orlando lawyer has officially filed a lawsuit for a statewide recount in the presidential race.

Donald Trump was named the winner in Florida but by a razor-thin margin. The attorney filed the 549-page complaint Friday in Leon County.

“Contesting this election is one of the most important things we can do to preserve our democracy,” attorney Clint Curtis said. “If we can’t contest an election where everyone was sure of the outcome and it went the other way, we won’t be able to contest an election ever again.”

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Wisconsin recount: Waukesha County officials caught illegally hiding ballots from observers


Four days into the Wisconsin statewide recount, one county in particular has emerged as the epicenter of controversy and corruption. Donald Trump won Waukesha County by a total of 66,320 votes, a margin three times as large as he won Wisconsin by overall. The county is refusing to do a hand recount, instead relying on the same machines which produced the original totals. Earlier today we reported that one recount observer had outright accused Waukesha officials of double-counting Trump’s votes. And now Jill Stein is expanding on the Waukesha scandal.

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