Did We Forget What Led to the Patriot Act in the First Place? Bush’s Incompetence Before 9/11

george_w_bushI’ve been hearing and reading a lot about how many progressives and conservatives (and some who wouldn’t classify themselves in either category) are shocked and outraged at government overreach and spying. You know what? I’m fed up that more people in positions of power aren’t talking about how we ended up in this position in the first place, and I’m fed up that a majority of Americans seem apathetic about what has happened and continues to take place because of it. Because guess what — if you’re pissed about government overreach and the NSA’s secret data collection, you’re actually in the minority according to new polling on the issue. Here’s the thing we have to remember — we put ourselves in this situation by electing (and re-electing) incompetent people into office. We elected the career politicians who couldn’t give a damn about anything except their pocketbooks and their corporate overlords. We put the idiot with the lowest IQ in the state of Texas in the White House, of all places. And not on a guided tour, but as president, simply because he had a recognizable name and “God told him to run.” And then to top it off, we re-elected him simply because we were “in a time of war” and wanted “stability” in Washington. Never mind the fact that the only thing G.W. knew about “stable leadership” involved the horses on his ranch.

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