Green Urchin ???

Written by Millie Jenny C.

That little green urchin
Is rapping at the door once more.
Green beer in one hand
Teasing . . .
‘Pot o’ gold’ in the other.
Winking in and out of vision,
Never quite materializing.
Stands just out of sight.
Glimpses. .
Darting here and there
. . . every now and then
Just outside my periphery.
Shiny gold gleaming bright
Brilliant green of all greens.

Urchin of small stature
Scooting away lickety-split.
Attempting to be miserly,
Hold tight to that booty.
. . . that wealth
Keeping it all.

Attempting once again
To sneak up with stealth
Steal away that
Leprechaun’s “lucky charms”
Perhaps real treasure
If the “Luck o’ the Irish”
Follows this ‘lass.’
Now where did I put “me” shamrock?

-Millie Jenny C

©Copyright 2011
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved

Leprechaun picture courtesy
Shamrock tattoo picture courtesy