The Republican Military

I spoke to my brother last night, who is a recently retired Marine after 23 years. He was an electronics repairman for Harrier jets, so the closest he came to combat was to take a hover craft, from a ship, to Iraq, stand on the beach and get his ‘I was there medal’.
I asked him why the Military were still heavily Republican despite the deaths, the wounded and the crazies?
He said that if a Democrat gets into the office they’ll cut the Military budget first.
I then pointed out how many necessary programs in the US that had already been cut to pay for a lost war in Afghanistan, and a losing war in Iraq. His answer was that he was a soldier and not a politician.

My suggestion, and he listened, was to bring every troop home to the US…..all of them.
Keep them employed guarding our borders, which the Republicans have been bitching about Mexicans forever. Have them patrolling and checking our container ship yards and trucks for drugs and bombs. Work the airports doing the same thing as TSA. And generally protect the nation from an outside attack.

We do not need to be the worlds policeman, when we can use the worlds largest military already in place here at home.
Our missiles can hit a target anywhere in the world with pin point accuracy. With the money freed up from fuel and transportation costs alone we can build Reagan’s missile defense shield, that would actually work.

Drug infested neighborhoods could be patrolled by the military, easing the load of the police.

Even he couldn’t argue with that. The hard sell is convincing people to enforce America First.

Want jobs? Tell all industries that outsource that they have 2 years to build plants in the US or their goods will no longer be permitted to be imported.
No more goods will be accepted in 2 years from any other country.

You people who bitch about Chinese goods at Walmart would get your way. The UAW that bitches about imported cars would get their way. The Steel workers would get their way.
And maybe….just maybe that exploratory money the oil companies tell Congress they need from their excessive profits, can be used here.
All matter of jobs would be available and they would pay well, from real competition, not from paying some kid in lower bumfuck 10 cents to sew a beanie baby.

Think about it people. I have been pushing America First for a long time. If these theories have any holes in them, then punch away.