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I am not referring here to the more extreme anti-abortion, anti-gay or Turner Diary types: clinic and club bombers, the most extreme militia members, those who would nail a gay to a fence in Texas. As bad as they all are I think most Republicans know they’re terrorists… though would never admit such, and some secretly admire: even cheer on, the actions of such maniacs. Nor am I referring to those who cheer on anything that annoys the Liberals, even if it might bring on the extinction of mankind. Everyone with a mind knows they are dangerous, brainless, immature idiots who resemble Nelson in the Simpsons. Here again they know this, but might not admit to it… and cheer them on too. And that introduces who I am referring to…

by Ken Carman

Yes, the title is very partisan, but this less some partisan screed than an exercise in logic to make a point. One could say it started when John Boehner claimed, at the beginning of the Obama administration, that the number one job of Republicans is to get rid of the newly elected president.

Shouldn’t the “number one job” of any party’s pols be to do whatever they can, within their own political restraints, to serve their country? Even if that means working with Democrats? If improving the economy might mean the president of another party might get reelected, shouldn’t their “job” be to vote for, or what they have to do, to improve the economy instead of letting it all go to hell for political gain?

You know, like extending the debt ceiling if that’s what we need to do to meet our obligations? Or not acting like a deadbeat Dad who makes promises they can’t keep: like agreeing to cut programs both sides love, then back pedaling and only agree to gore the other side’s ox?

Screaming like hell about deficits when a Dem is in office, but claiming deficits don’t matter when Reps are in, is like the worst form of yo yo dieting: and could be the death of the nation, economically. Doesn’t matter: makes Republicans look like Santa and Dems the Grinch. That’s all that matters?

Then you have the recent report of Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan and other Republicans had a meeting right after Obama was elected, planning to wreck the economy: do whatever it takes to get their own ilk back in office.

Who does this?

Word: traitors.

Second word: terrorists.

Terrorists only care about their goal: not people or country. The goal is all that matters. And if you can scare the populace into compliance: so much the better. That pretty much defines the Bush administration and the many Republican leaders,

Code red! Code yellow! Socialist! They’re out to take your guns away! They’re coming by sea, plane, scuba gear, train, riding a moose, riding an army of aardvarks, on flying pigs…

Under Obama the head 9/11 plotter was taken out. Did we we even hear a grumble of thanks? No, they either belittled it: an action their guy never managed to achieve… or they insisted taking him out was wrong. You know damn well if McCain, Romney or Bush had taken him out praises to the great Republican-only God on high would have would have been deafening. The demands Junior, Mitt or John be on Mt. Rushmore would be plentiful.

Isn’t the definition of any pundit or pol who would do whatever for political gain closer to “terrorist” than “public servant?”

Let’s take the economy. Is it the pits? Yup. Did Republicans run two wars off the books, give pallet loads of cash away to warlords, throw thousands upon thousands of public servants out on the street then cynically bitch about unemployment, give tax breaks to businesses that off shored their jobs cteating massive unemployment, kill job creating bills and plot to destroy the economy for political gain?


So 3 years later after resisting all efforts to make things better, it’s Obama’s fault? Obama “owns it?”

It’s like claiming the Allies “owned” all Hitler caused once he killed himself.

Anyone with an ounce of the sense knows this kind of reasoning is made of the same substance as what comes out of the south end portal on a horse going north.suggestions

You don’t have to ask who they hate: you meet them at gas stations, grocery stores, Thanksgiving. They seem to think everyone has to shut up and listen to their tirades, often filled with barely disguised… if “disguised” at all… versions of what nasty things should be done to those who dare to disagree. But as soon as one of them goes not so far off the reservation and shoots up a UU Church in Knoxville, murders George Tiller, these kings of “personal responsibility” think personal responsibility for using words that cheer on others need not apply to them.

Of course, because underneath it all to damn many of them think they “deserved it” for: wait for it, daring to disagree.

I am not claiming all Republicans now, or throughout history, act (acted) like this. In fact from Barry Goldwater, to Eisenhower, Lincoln, Nelson Rockefeller to a certain extent… there has been a history of Republicans willing to cross ideological lines to do, or say, what they felt was best for the country. And there have also been pols on both sides of the fence who do so cynically for political and personal gain, including Joe Lieberman. I’m sure Republicans would probably claim Jacob Javits. And both sides have been morphing back and forth becoming more rightward tilted, more leftward titled since their inception.

No, this has more to do with a party that’s been on the fast track to being more like al Qaeada than a party.

I am no fan of our Democratic pols. Unlike the cartoon image the Right loves to paint: a radicalized Left dominated party, the trend there has been quite the opposite. From Bill Clinton’s cutting government to Barack Obama’s coziness with rendition…

So what are we left with overall? The Bomb Thrower Party and the I’ll Somewhat Reluctantly (Wink, Wink) Do As You Ask Party. (With a defining, “You’d better shut the hell up professional left,” rightward tilt to it.)

Republican doesn’t have to equal terrorist. But it’s certainly dancing merrily down that path, while too many damn Democrats are behaving like slightly reluctant, almost blindly obedient, beaten puppies who stumble, fumble and bumble not so far behind.


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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