Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

by Ken Carman

1. What makes the vague connection between Obama and Solyndra more important than Halliburton connections Cheney had: connections that made him even richer due to contract after contract being awarded? Awarded despite their horrible record?


Bonus question: and did Solyndra ever “bone-us” as badly as Halliburton did soldiers: electrocuting them in showers, leaving them out in 120 degree deserts without water?

Nope. They just went bankrupt.

2. What makes Obama’s supposed gaffe about business, overall, doing better, while the economy isn’t, worse than Romney’s supposed gaffe about firemen or women, teachers and policemen or women?


Bonus question; if Obama’s policies haven’t improved the economy, or unemployment, will firing firemen, teachers and cops improve the economy: lessen unemployment?


3. What makes Fast and Furious any more important than Valerie Plame, giving money to the Taliban barely pre-9/11, letting warlords screw up Tora Bora: letting bin Laden escape?


Bonus question: will we be safer with a Republican in office: a party whose leaders were responsible for letting the mastermind of 9/11 escape… responsible for not accounting for money given to the Taliban that could have helped fund 9/11… responsible for letting valuable human assets in the war on terror be murdered because their president and his cronies had a hard on for revenge? Revenge because the CIA agent’s husband told the damn truth?


4. If Obama is really so bad at the economy, what makes the other candidate better: a politician whose main claim to economic fame is helping to destroy businesses, leaving employees unemployed sidewalk, stealing paid for benefits?


Bonus question: if American business is to be Bained, then is, or was, Romney a “job creator?”


5. What does Obama, personally, have to do with jacked up prices or falling gas prices?


Bonus question: did Romney and his party do better by sending troops to stomp all over oil countries, leaving oil wells burning? Kissing a sheik, and not only on the lips?


The record shows last time Romney’s peeps were in power they did far far worse. In fact they dug the damn hole after giving away the surplus, then some. Nothing indicates Romney will do anything but steer towards icebergs again.

Last time his peeps were in control we became the damn Titanic, and that hole almost a grave where everything our forefathers fought for was almost buried. Still could happen.

Elect Romney.

It’s damn “silly” my questions have to be asked at all. America’s long and short term memory is shot, and the media does all they can not to remind them of such things. Mainstream media is, of course, in conspiracy of silence mode. Why revisit what might embarrass their corporate and right wing political masters?

Most mainstream media sources these days are either openly right wing, or like teens locked into the basement by their abuser they now somewhat sympathize with: willing to do damn near anything to stop the beatings. They do know when they stray from the politically correct script there will be hell to pay.

“The one WILL put the lotion in the basket.”

A movie about mainstream media these days could be called, “Silence of the Sheeple.”

Silly season: election time, has always been rife with stupidity; filled with absurd claims and outright lies like the claim the current “scandal” is worse than Plamegate because Valerie “wasn’t an undercover agent.” Except the head of the CIA said she was. They know that. They just lie for political gain: over and over… hoping the more idiotic elements of society will go, “Duh, I nah-vah thought bout dat!” …when the problem is idiots generally don’t “think” at all.

The problem is the lies have gone from exaggerated claims about opponents and oneself: the usual fare’ since the country was founded, to lies that endanger national security and the American people. Winning is all that matters.

Like how we have such an odd, skewed: warped, sense of what’s “fair” election time. I remember one of my brothers saying false claims about John Kerry’s service record were “fair game” because he brought his record up during the campaign. Well, if that’s the way we’re gpoing to look at it, then what made Bush’s questionable service records, or what makes Romney’s vulturistic Bain experience, any less “fair game?”

Oh, I know! It’s because Republicans are holier than everyone else, right? How dare us untouchables challenge the deities of the Right and their flock of teabagging sheeple?

Word: I dare. I dare.

But let’s pause for as moment while I barf. “Teabagging sheeple.” Ewe. OK, now… wool… move on.

Nothing is “unfair” when we practice politics this way. But the one sided-ness of it all is incredible. It’s exemplified well by arguments I’ve had with backers of George Zimmerman who keep claiming only idiots make claims about this case when “we don’t know yet.” Meanwhile, out of the other side of their digital mouths, they are the ones making claims they can’t prove.

You know what this is about. They just want everyone else to shut the hell up and let them decide who lives, who dies. And never, ever, say any Emperor they support has no “new clothes.”

This kind of “debate,” these kinds of “claims,” are just as thinly veiled as Hans Christian Andersen’s fictional Emperor. Like those who claim Obama should do his job instead of campaigning…

Hello, election year? Did you forget? Of course you didn’t. You just want everyone else to sit down, shut up and lose. That way only your side gets to campaign. No, you don’t have exclusive rights to the mic during election season, but you already know that… don’t you?

I can’t type anything that suits the moment that’s any less rude, “These are the moments when we understand that the letters F and U do go together quite well.”

Oh, so it’s just “Obama” who “makes everything political?”


Recent history proves the opposite. Just to mention one: damn near everything was next campaign oriented during Bush time, from turning a ship around to get that “Mission Accomplished” photo, to a plastic Thanksgiving turkey. In comparison Obama has been very background-ish. Indeed, in my opinion, way too damn much.

OK, I mentioned two, not one. Now here’s a third: jerking around the color coded terrorist system to suit political needs, especially during election time.


There’s no use in arguing with their rhetorical nonsense, their silly talking points, their outright lies.

Instead of looking weak like Obama did when he tried to modify his very accurate claim that big business is doing quite well, thank you, in an otherwise bad economy, perhaps we should have a very Dick Cheney moment. You know: what he told Dems to do who challenged him, and what finger he raised?

Like most bullies, such behavior is the only thing some pundits and pols understand these days.


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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