Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Reviewed by Ken Carman for EON


This is one of those, “Why did they bother?” questions. I admit I am bothered by the general lack of creativity in always rebooting stuff, or doing Beverly Hillbillies for… the big screen? But this one wasn’t bad. We got to see a lot more of the anguish Alex had to go through as they take his humanity apart, and how the corporate good can be the opposite of good for every one else.

It doesn’t hurt that special effects have improved compared to the old hokey Robocop.

Was it needed? Hardly. Yet the theme seems even more apt today, and the lack of hokey does make it interesting. I would catch it at the cheap theater, because a big screen would do it more justice. But I wouldn’t make it the highlight of your day. If you catch it on the smaller screen, no giant loss.


Welcome to Our End of the New movie reviews. One poster: don’t bother. Two posters: eh, OK, but a lot of problems here. Three: Good movie, just at least one problem. Four: very good. Five: if you don’t go you’re missing out. Added comments at the end may refer mainly to the nature of the movie such as special effects, incredible sound or scenery that might make it best seen in a movie theater depending on your set up at home.


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